Bit of a blow to Zac, eh?

The Liberal Democrats have produced a stunning byelection victory to unseat Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park, overturning a 23,000 majority to remove the former Conservative MP in a vote that became a de facto plebiscite on the government’s Brexit plans.

Sarah Olney, the winning Lib Dem candidate, took a fraction under 50% of the entire vote to record a majority of 1,872. Large numbers of local Labour voters backed her, with the Labour candidate, Christian Wolmar, losing his deposit.

Given that his main campaign platform was to be anti-Heathrow expansion I guess the people have spoken now and it’s OK?

31 thoughts on “Bit of a blow to Zac, eh?”

  1. I thought that would happen.

    He demonstrated a basic lack of competence during the mayoralty election and has had a sense on entitlement about him because of his stance on Heathrow. Tories need to move on from such people.

  2. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    Struggling to figure out what possible reasons there were for voting for any of the candidates who all focused their campaigns on things that either do not differentiate them from each other (Heathrow expansion) or things they cannot do (stopping Brexit). Or is this just politics as usual?

  3. a vote that became a de facto plebiscite on the government’s Brexit plans.

    what the fuck? Is Richmond Park supposed to be representative of the whole country now?

  4. Speaking as someone who lives in the constituency, I don’t think so many people cared about the third runway as much as he though (just a smaller number of people who made a lot of noise about it).
    None of the flight paths for the third runway go over Richmond or Kingston, so not much change if you live here.
    The byelection looked like a bit of a vanity move by him, which didn’t help.

  5. “a vote that became a de facto plebiscite on the government’s Brexit plans.”

    Lol. They finally found a referendum on Brexit they liked.

  6. A foolish Remain conceit that thinks this vote is a good thing for Remain.

    Giving BluLab MPs an object lesson in what happens to those who think their views more important than their voters is not going to help the EU-sucking crew. From Tory Grandee to pavement is not a route they want to follow (esp as most aren’t millionaires to cushion the blow) and the sight of Goldsmiths walk to the gallows will have their collars suddenly feeling very tight. Whipping the bastards into line will now be easier.

  7. Mr Ecks – Sleaford will be the next test – it had a 15% Ukipping vote at the last election and they could take it on an 18% swing. Do Leave constituencies feel as strongly about this as Remain ones??

  8. This business of the LibDems thinking this vote means something about Brexit is pretty funny. That area voted overwhelmingly for Remain anyway.

    Probably best no-one tries to shatter their delusions. They’re less dangerous when they are telling themselves what they want to believe, rather than dealing with the world as it is.

  9. Zac Goldsmith is a useless greeny twat who lost 16000 votes in 19 months. The only good thing about him was that he was anti-EU, and now he’s deprived Parliament of a Leave vote. The by-election was pointless as all his opponents were against Heathrow as well. Seriously, what a knob. He should have just quit the Conservatives if he felt that strongly about Heathrow expansion.

  10. Right, total votes cast 41, 283. Turnout 53.6%, ergo electorate is 77020. Vote for Lib Dem Remain candidate 20510, or 26.6%. Votes for Leave candidate (assuming Goldsmith is a Leaver, or proxy for Leave) 18638, or 24.2%. Even as % of votes cast its 49.7% Remain vs 45.1% Leave.

    And this is a resounding victory for Remain, when a 52-48 vote for Leave on a 72% turnout isn’t?

    Lying cunts.

  11. Also, another disastrous result for Labour. Once the northern working-classes finally give up on them, which looks to me to be about to happen (esp. with Nuttal in charge of UKIP), then it’s curtains for them.

  12. If you add the people who didn’t vote to Goldsmith’s total, you will in fact find a huge majority in favour of Brexit.

  13. Sandman: ” Do Leave constituencies feel as strongly about this as Remain ones??”

    As strongly about what tho?

    The Remain gang know they’re fucked. Rage-ranting is all they got.

    May could be planning treachery but it is still far from clear that she CERTAINLY does. She maybe playing a longer game but there is not enough yet to say for sure she intends a stitch up. Even with zero trust for the creature that is so at this time.

    If she tries to stitch us OR if Remain force a GE to try and undo Brexit then we will see that any anger the London Bubble CM scum can raise will be massively over-matched and shit-kicked to pieces by angry Brexiters.

  14. I think the referendum is catalysing UK (OK England and Wales) politics into Leave and Remain camps as their defining issue. This is what has happened in Scotland after their independence referendum. The two clearest parties gained; SNP as the Yes party and the Tories as the No party leaving Labour in the cold.

    In England & Wales the Tories are clearly the Leave party with UKIP for those who would never vote Tory, and the Lib Dems the clear Remain Party. Labour are in the cold again as they were too muddled on the issue so if you want to vote against Brexit you aren’t going for them.

  15. DC: To some extent.

    IMO the Remain vote was mostly status quo’ers who won’t be too bothered at Brexit working out fine.

    The hard core of Remainiac scum are the same SJW/well-off, middle/upper-class, CM, London Bubble scum who form the enemy class generally on ALL issues. They seem more numerous and solid because of leftist control of the MSM but practically there are ?? 2 million of them –tops.

    They are still very dangerous but it is far from one half of the UK versus the other as leftist con-men would like us to believe.

  16. Tim was pissing me off this morning on the radio talking about a referendum on the leave deal. “Have a referendum on the exit deal, and if the people vote NO we stay in.”


    We’ve already decided to LEAVE. Have a referendum on the exit deal by all means, but if we vote NO that means “work out SOME OTHER DEAL TO LEAVE”, ****NOT**** ‘STAY’.

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    That car crash interview Sarah Olney gave to TalkRadio is pricelss (see Guido). She was absolutely clueless, what a fantastic take down of Remain’s arguments.

    ts so good I’m off to listen to it again. Its the happiest I’ve felt all day.

  18. @DC, Ecks,

    Same as in Norn Iron innit? With Sinn Fein and DUP being the main beneficiaries of the peace deal.

  19. @Dongguan John

    a vote that became a de facto plebiscite on the government’s Brexit plans. what the fuck? Is Richmond Park supposed to be representative of the whole country now?

    Of course, the idea that this was a second referendum is ludicrous. But let’s take Tim Farron at his word (yes, I know) and assume it is. June: 72% favour Remain; December: 50% vote for Sarah Olney. How the fuck does that translate to a massive endorsement of a ‘soft’ (as in ‘head’) Brexit?

  20. The strongest argument against a second referendum (on the eventual deal) is that, announced ahead of time, the EU will ensure that the deal is basically armageddon for the UK, as far as they can engineer it. The other possibility is that they might well make a sweetheart deal with a bundle more opt-outs (as if there is anything left to opt out of) if they think they might win it. From what my man in Brussels tells me, the sooner the UK is out, and the harder the UK is out, the better, as far as the politicos are concerned. Pour encourager les autres.

    Calling it as a snap poll, once the deal is on the table, I can’t really understand the argument against that. Aside from a fanatical fringe on both sides, the remain voters were mostly not “in, whatever it means” and the out voters were mostly not “out, whatever it means” either. Don’t they deserve a chance to consider the actual options available? Especially if that option is either a substantially watered-down membership, or total expulsion to outer darkness?

    Don’t we trust the British electorate suddenly?

    And obviously the notion that by-elections mean anything, especially those contested against foetid tories, is daft.

  21. Piss off Biggie,

    The vote was taken and that is fucking it and to Hell all reruns.

    You certainly weren’t behind the door when brass neck was handed out.

  22. Calling it as a snap poll, once the deal is on the table, I can’t really understand the argument against that.

    There’s nothing wrong with a second vote on the deal. But the choices would be “Out, with this deal with the EU” vs. “Out, with no deal”. I’m not sure that’s entirely what the remoaners have in mind.

  23. @BiW,

    Well I guess you’d have 3 options, which would greatly complicate matters.


    Incidentally, I can’t see any practical way of going back on the referendum decision. Obviously I think it was the wrong decision but agree there is no point (or moral value) in trying to keep the UK in against its electorate’s better judgment.

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