Blimey, NYT’s on a tear here

At the Trump Organization, Business Is a Family Affair
An examination of Donald J. Trump’s company reveals a distinctly family business fortified with longtime loyalists.

A family business is a family business.

Who knew?

10 thoughts on “Blimey, NYT’s on a tear here”

  1. Strange the Left are usually all in favour of family owned and run businesses, rather than corporations owned by anonymous shareholders and run by hired managers…………haven’t they been telling us for decades thats why Germany have had superior economic performance, because of their Mittelstand businesses?

    Or is that all bollocks now, because Trump?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    Well, we have entered a parallel universe, here we’ve got lefties telling us how great free trade is and in the States they’re busy defending gun rights and free speech so ditching the Mittlestand support seems consistent with the new order.

  3. I miss the family business. Paternalistic yes, and undoubtedly nepotistic; but they tended to look after employees far better than the contemporary model.

  4. “Paternalistic yes, and undoubtedly nepotistic; but they tended to look after employees far better than the contemporary model.”

    imho best know firm in UK with that business model is Timpsons.

    Very paternalistic, but also empower all their staff.

  5. ‘the relatively small company has come under intense scrutiny as its chief prepares to become president of the United States.’

    Define ‘intense.’ Define ‘scrutiny.’ NYT blowing smoke.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Gamecock – “Define ‘intense.’ Define ‘scrutiny.’ NYT blowing smoke.”

    They assigned *three* reporters to that story. OK, for a Republican-linked story that isn’t much. They probably assigned more than that to find out if which of Sarah Palin’s children were actually her daughter’s.

    But in the course of normal news, that is pretty intense. They wouldn’t assign three to cover a robbery-gone-wrong or your run of the mill rape-and-murder. Hell, they wouldn’t even report your average run of the mill rape-and-murder if the victims were White and the perps Vibrant.

  7. The Left never liked small businesses. Your local bakery might refuse to bake a cake for your gay wedding; but a big company wouldn’t risk the negative publicity. More importantly, a small family-run company doesn’t need that quintessentially left-wing department, HR. They’re also terrible at providing maternity leave.

    Business aside, the Left hates families too. Hating on family-run companies is killing two birds with one stone.

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