Cultural appropriation of underwear now

Victoria’s Secret has been accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ and showcasing ‘racist’ underwear at its fashion show last night.

Err, yes, yes…..

However, the exotic lingerie has fallen foul of some, who were unimpressed by the Asian and Mexican influences to some of the designs, and accused the brand of ‘cultural appropiation’.
In a piece entitled ‘Why Can’t Victoria’s Secret Stop Designing Racist Lingerie?’, which appears to have since been taken down online, Helin Jung criticised the brand in Cosmopolitan magazine.

It rather being this Western, even European, culture which developed the idea of knickers and bras and suspenders and stockings and so on in the first place.

Presumably women (and that certain subset of men who enjoy such) from other cultures are appropriating a culture which is not theirs by wearing them?

Rather fun to be able to accuse Ru Paul and also Lucy Liu of cultural appropriation, isn’t it?

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  1. To be fair, the UK did its best to plaster the Union Flag over as much of the world as possible, so it would be somewhat rich to take offence…

  2. “And so the arms race of leftist lunacy continues”

    Yup, this is more-sensitive-to-racism-than-thou competitive virtue-signalling. It is how status and credentials are achieved on the left.

  3. …unless of course the Union Flag is made prominent in the UK in which case it’s racist, mysogenist, supremacist and anti-alphanumeric.

  4. I’ve said it before that 20 years ago when I was a lad ‘appropriating’ cultures was all the rage among the lefties. They’ve gone 180 degrees on it.

  5. “They’ve gone 180 degrees on it.”

    Which is a great way of establishing your dominant position in the collective and wrong footing your competitors. Suddenly, overnight, you change What Must Be Believed to something completely different. Your opponents are now heretics and ‘Other’.

  6. Rob, the best was with Cumberbatch when he said ‘coloured people’ instead of ‘people of colour’ while on some leftist rant about equality and they turned on him like a pack of wolves.

    You’d have thought he would have learnt from that but evidently he didn’t. The idiot.

  7. @Cynic Thanks. Yes – home grown and first coined here on one of the various discussions on HGVLBTetc, discussions.

  8. “Embrace other cultures.”

    But not too tightly.

    I remember when the left-wing demanded that Americans of sub-Saharan origin be called ‘black,’ that negro is an insult. Apparently not understanding that negro IS black. In Spanish.

    Then ‘African-American.’ Not inclusive of my Egyptian neighbors. It’s often difficult to tell if the left-wing is ignorant or stupid.

  9. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    Far from progress, the “progressives” seem to take on more of a “random walk through beliefs” and often do full 180s on things they vehemently believed 5 years previously. I suppose that’s just what happens when you don’t believe in principles, just in team (for the weak-minded followers) or power (for their leaders).

    This cultural appropriation thing I just cannot get my head round. What is their vision of a multicultural society if mixing cultures is racist? Is it complete segregation by skin colour, just rather than being at the level of nation-states or continents, it’s at the level of streets?

  10. What about adopting HGVDLDT as the alphabet soup de jour? Heavy goods vehicle driver long distance trucker, I’m sure that community encompasses every peccadillo and preference you can imagine, including the occasional serial killer.

  11. It doesn’t have to be coherent, it doesn’t even have to be rational – all that matters is that you believe it.

    And if it changes 180 degrees with no reason, you believe that too. If you believe, you are of the Tribe.

  12. If only these people knew the rage I felt when in Colorado, seeing a Native American in a suit.

    And don’t start me on how angry I got in Jamaica…

    Oh, wait, it’s not the same? Really?

  13. We will tell you what to say.

    Saying anything else will result in your being charged with a hate crime.

    George Orwell vindicated.

  14. “Good point, but Cali, Colombia is a very long way from those places.”
    The Cali, Colombiana had her head buried in UK on-line, fashion sites, last night. My credit card is preparing itself to be raped & pillaged as I type.

    And on the Victoria-s Not-so-Secret’s problems: S’pose that’ll be basques out, then?

  15. Someone needs to give this slit-eyed arrogant Oriental bitch a good fvckin slap for being called by a name that originated in Greece, Europe

  16. Dongguan John,

    But that’s the whole trick. If you follow these people, you can never be pure enough. They’re in the business of selling opinions. If you just do what they tell you and they stop changing, they’re out of a job.

    Food was the same in the UK. For years it was “don’t be a little Englander, eat foreign stuff”, then they switched to “why doesn’t anyone eat all these great English dishes”?

  17. Christ, Victoria’s Secret is soooo 1988…

    Outside of SJWs, horny 14 year olds who can’t view porn on the family computer because of the parental controls, and the gay men that design VS frillies, who gives a fuck?

  18. Rob:
    It doesn’t have to be coherent, it doesn’t even have to be rational – all that matters is that you believe enforce it.
    Fixed it for you

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