Err, Telegraph?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge thanks Telegraph readers for helping tackle stigma of mental illness

Isn’t our future Queen but one Katherine?

13 thoughts on “Err, Telegraph?”

  1. That aside, does Ms Kate get to be Queen? Prince Philip is certainly not King (Prince Consort or something?). I seem to recall that part of the deal with Camilla marrying Charles was that she never be named Queen as well. I don’t want to spend Christmas looking all this up and the difference between titles and styles makes my head hurt. Anyone got a short answer? As an Australian William is my future monarch too – at least for now!

  2. He didn’t abbreviate this lass: (WKPD)

    Catherine of Aragon, also spelled Katherine, was the Queen of England from June 1509 until May 1533 as the first wife of King Henry VIII

  3. Well why did Wills and Harry have Wales on their military uniform name badges rather than Moutbatten-Windsor? If Wales is correct then should they also have used Rothsay if in Scotland.

  4. Sneezy, Wales in the abbreviation for Prince William (or Henry) of Wales. Hmmm… So would the late Duke of Westminster have “Westminster” or “Grosvenor” on his kit? Or is it just restricted to Royals….?

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