Err, yes?

Sharp divisions have emerged within Momentum, the grassroots organisation that supports Jeremy Corbyn, following reports of an attempted takeover by Trotskyist and factional groups, an executive committee member has claimed.

Momentum’s women’s officer has written a blog claiming that members of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and others are seeking to wrest control from its founder, Jon Lansman. Laura Murray, who is also a Labour shadow cabinet adviser, has claimed that ultimately, some activists will try to force Momentum to abandon Corbyn and turn to another leftwing organisation.

That’s what the Trots do isn’t it?

As with the other form of trots, internal takeovers leading to massively shitty situations.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    The only certainty with the hard left is that in any group size N there will be N+1 true ideologies and the time taken for irrevocable splits to occur is inversely proportional to N.

  2. To be fair, this is hardly unique to the left. I think it’s more a symptom of relatively new political groups who are trying to find a common platform/culture from which to advance.

    Naturally, the left (being more ideological than the practical forces of good and truth on the right) tend to splinter more easily and thus we see it more frequently, but it’s not unique to them.

  3. @BinD

    I normally express this as “put 10 self-identifying socialists in a room and you’ll get 11 different definitions of true socialism. Repeat the exercise a couple of days later, and you’ll get a few more”.

  4. The Dutch have a proverb: Wherever in the world three Dutchmen are gathered together, they will found a church. And, if a fourth Dutchman joins them, they will have a schism.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    How can an organisation full of assorted fruits and nuts be taken over by another organisation full of assorted fruits and nuts?

    Wasn’t Momentum always a Trotskyite entryist group?

  6. Wasn’t Momentum always a Trotskyite entryist group?

    I think you mean “Isn’t” rather than “Wasn’t” as this nest of Marxists may have a dose of the Trots, but it’s not quite dead yet.

    I should know, I’m a member. Just for the lulz obviously, the meetings are mucho fun.

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