A Particularly Foul Defence Of Fidel Castro’s Economic Record In Cuba

8 thoughts on “Grrr”

  1. Tim – a great piece. The woman is clearly in an advanced state of derangement even by the standards of the LSE. My guess would be she has studied in the US where this kind of cognitive dissonance is not only commonplace but required in order to progress up the greasy pole in academia..

    However, one minor quibble:

    ‘There really are people out there who think the DPRK is doing a good job’

    I actually have some respect for someone who has visited the DPRK and is willing to make that statement, rather than someone who (a la Murphy, the Big four, Jones, Toynbee, Valenti, Williams, Monbiot, Chakrabortty, etc) advocates policies that are only practicable in a society run along similar lines to North Korea, while in the next paragraph condemning North Korea as monstrous.

    Additionally, I would have the utmost respect for anyone who shared equal regard for Castro with the Kims, whose cocking a snook at the US and whose trade embargo has been in place even longer than Cuba’s – and whose apparently unsympathetic reception amongst leading ‘progressive’ lights I can only put down to vestigial racism?

    I should add for those new to this parish, people who read my comments will know I am no apologist for the DPRK, its just of all the vices hypocrisy is the one which really does make me very angry…..

  2. Definitive “fake news” one would presume?
    Shouldn’t the “gatekeepers” be looking at this?
    (Tell me when I should breath out)

  3. Lisa McKenzie of Class War is also a lecturer at the LSE. Heard her recently on Any Questions, I’ll give you a fiver if you can show me a less articulate academic. I think if I got either for a tutor I’d want my money back.

  4. Harry

    I think you owe me a fiver.

    Professor Stephen Hawking can’t even speak at all and the machine he uses sounds like a bad robot voice from an trial episode of Lost in Space.

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