Have these people ever met any humans?

Size matters when it comes to safe sex.
A southern Swedish health clinic is offering services to men to measure their penis in order to fit them with the correct condom size.
Specially designed tape will measure penises in diameter rather than in length and the clinic hopes the unique opportunity will help boost the number of young men to visit youth clinics.

Youth clinics here are of course for teenagers. And some bird who might offering to measure some male teen’s penis will get an enthusiastic agreement, perhaps too enthusiastic. Some doctor or nurse insisting that it be presented vibrant so that it can be measured is going to get a rather different sort of reaction.

23 thoughts on “Have these people ever met any humans?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t know. I could swear there are some Swedish films that start this way. Everyone seems to end up pretty happy so I am sure it will all turn out for the best.

  2. It would seem the fuckwit Swedes have a lot more to worry about than condom fit.

    The RoP already have a suffocating condom over Sweden’s “big” head never mind the little one.

  3. Sounds like a unique way to advertise your brothel. I’m curious what the out of pocket expenses are and if insurance covers any of the visit.

    Seriously though, this actually isn’t a bad idea. Teenage boys don’t always understand the bird saying, “You’re the biggest I’ve even seen.” is normally just a line. With swollen egos, among other things, they rush off to grab Magnum XLs when a smaller size is far more appropriate. Sorry I don’t know the names of smaller brands but all I ever heard was, “You expect that to fit where exactly?”

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Edward Lud – “my middle name is ‘Tripod’.”

    My condolences. A lot of men have very short legs.

    Myself, I welcome this service. I get tired of telling my taylor that I want my trousers baggy down to the knees. And I am sick of people who think I am trying some sort of Mod/Zoot suit revival.

  5. Amusingly manufacturers worked that one out long ago. They’re actually called regular, large and extra large.

  6. They do indeed Tim. But we have a pretty skilled team of penis measurers here. And to cater to their specified requirements I’ve just put in a small order. 10 boxes, gross per box.
    All regular.

  7. “Insisting that it be presented vibrant so that it can be measured”

    I can’t see much point in doing the measurement otherwise…

  8. If I owned a condom company the sizes would be called ‘Large’, ‘Extra Large, ‘Vlad’, ‘Internal Injury’, and ‘Heart Bruiser’.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Apparently during the space programme the “receptacles” for the space toilets were (unofficially) called “extra large”, “immense”, and “unbelievable”.

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