Finally forgiven!

He is joined on the list by other famous names including Ken Dodd, who is knighted at the age of 89.

He’d have had it 15 years ago if it weren’t for that tax thing.

The point of his act is that this goes on for 3 and 4 hours. There’s no one great joke anywhere. But just this stream for hour upon hour.

The advice is not to drink anything for a couple of hours before the show…

And I’m sure there’s a better clip out there than this if anyone would care to find it.

Sir Ken said: “I’m very proud, I’m very, very happy and full of plumptiousness. I feel highly tickled.”

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset


    No, I’ve always found him toe curling to the point you could turn the room upside down and I’d be left hanging like a bat.

  2. Miss Bannister volunteers at about local theatre where Doddy performs every year. Can’t get the bigger off the stage. One year the show started at 8pm and he was still going at midnight.

  3. So you are whining about people being given 2 or 3 times what they have paid for? Large numbers of people who come back again and again to see a man of nearly 90 who is still going strong.

    Come back when you can sell your comments for big money.

  4. I heard several years ago that he’s a miserable old sod when off stage – very rude and demanding towards i.e Hotel staff. Rather like Cilla (total bitch, according to an ex-Virgin Atlantic trolley-dolly I know).

  5. I have never found him funny to be honest. That though is just personal preference. Otherwise I am in total agreement with Ecks; those that do like his act have had their money’s worth many times over for many decades – except perhaps the taxman.

  6. So I’m not alone.
    To me he’s the sort of comedian who’s supposed to be funny because he’s a comedian. So, because you’re expected to laugh, you do so. And everyone else in the audience does. And it’s remarkably difficult not to do so, when everybody else is. Effectively he holds himself up by his own bootlaces. Have to admit it’s a clever act.
    Presumably the clip’s got a laugh track? I wonder what the reception would be like if you took it out & you were just listening to him flat?
    S’pose i’m just not good audience material.
    In fact I know I’m not.
    We had tickets for Five Guys Called Mo, back before it moved to the West End. Front row. There’s a bit where they got the front row of the audience to come on stage & join the performance. Not me they didn’t. I’ve paid to watch the f****g show, not be in it. Was I bothered by being the only person still seated in the front row? Not in the slightest.

  7. Bloke in Spain

    Point is, all those people down the decades who paid good money to watch him: they didn’t ask you then and still aren’t asking you now.

    So well played Doddy; you’ve earned it.

  8. It escapes me, Ironman, why honours are given for people making a lot of money by doing their preferred job. Doubt if I’m in line for one.

  9. He’s a funny peculiar chap, right enough. Watched him once performing in Warrington – just a stream of consciousness, but it does have a strange hold over people, almost as if they cannot believe what they are hearing but can no more stop listening.

    Also heard, chit-chat round Liverpool, that he is as tight as a crab’s arse in water, i.e. offering to pay for a meal and then insisting everyone has liver and bacon or scouse and cabbage.

    Some gems from the tax case. He was prosecuted by Brian Leveson..remember him?..and defended by George Carman. Naturally, it helped that he was tried by a jury of his peers.

    The Daily Star got into trouble with Mr Justice Waterhouse at one point for some silly rhyme based on one of Doddy’s excuses, along the lines of “Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead.”

    Upon it being revealed that here were £366,000 in a suitcase in the attic in Knotty Ash, the judge asked Dodd what having that much money stashed away felt like. Dodd replied: “The notes are very light m’lord.” Classic stuff.

    The trial lasted three weeks and he was acquitted. I was working locally at the time and heard in the office that the taxmen had him in their clutches for years afterwards.

    And don’t let’s get started on the hair dye.

  10. Central government should not bestow honours to anyone. An honour is an individual good, not a public good which the free market would have difficulty in bestowing.
    With Oscars, sports-writers’ awards, comedy awards, gold medals etc the free market has got this covered. And people wanting to show Dodd some appreciation can buy his stuff

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    “It escapes me, Ironman, why honours are given for people making a lot of money by doing their preferred job. Doubt if I’m in line for one.”

    As I’ve said before, I’m happy that Botham got an honour because he used his fame to raise money for charity. Most of those sportsmen, especially Olympic medal winners, just did what they were driven to do, and paid by us to boot.

    And don’t get me started on luvvies …….

  12. I agree with BiND and BiS. Why honour people — entertainers, actors, sportsmen, civil servants, politicians etc — for doing their chosen job? Occasionally, absolutely exceptional achievement might be honoured, but preferably the recipient should have a track record in philanthropy or community service as well.

    As for making the ghastly Shirley Williams a CH when she did so much damage to this country….

  13. Ironman

    “Arise Sir Mo; you make us proud to be British!”

    Yes, up to a point. But let’s see what he does next before we make final judgements. And, of course, first-generation immigrants often integrate well, but then their children learn to hate us. Like this charmer:


  14. “When will Operation Wossname come knocking?”

    Yewtree is now mired down after too many of the “victim” informers–esp about care homes– have turned out to be lying twats.

    It isn’t yet dead but tectonic plates are slowly shifting. That stupid cow Viet May and her gang are still onside but the sands of time are running through the bullshiters hands.

    The loss of Anna Racoon’s blog is a sad blow to the cause of sanity in this theatre of the war.

  15. I was born in Knotty Ash, Doddys brother our coalman and Doddy and family are a family with long term roots in the area.He is a tight arse but much loved and is just one of those peculiar local/national institutions…God bless him.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My parents went to see him and said it was one of the most hilarious nights of their lives. And yes, he overran the time on the billing by a considerable margin, and no-one minded.

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