I suppose it doesn’t really matter at that point, does it?

William Sallie, 50, was put to death on Tuesday night following a last meal consisting entirely of junk food. The Georgia man had been on death row for more than 25 years after killing his father-in-law.

9 thoughts on “I suppose it doesn’t really matter at that point, does it?”

  1. I’d want someone to offer me a last cigarette, just so I could refuse on the grounds that I was trying to give up.

  2. 25 years on death row and they still had to kill him. I imagine that after all that time and prison food he might have forgotten what he liked best

  3. Public Health missed a trick there. You would think the zealots would fuck up his last day on earth. Perhaps they were all on a course.

  4. a clever marketeer would try to ascertain the contents of the meal and market it as a “death row special”. I’m sure that a load of snowflakes would queue for hours to get some.

  5. According to the infallible Wikipedia, Georgia switched from the chair to injection in 2000 – so only one variety of fries for Sallie.

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