I wonder

Nine people died from fentanyl opioid overdoses in the Canadian city of Vancouver in just the past 24 hours, Mayor Gregor Robertson said Friday.

Perhaps this will play out like the crack cocaine epidemic did.

PJ O’Rourke has a doctor in one of his essays saying it will burn out naturally. Because the people who take it will be dead.

The problem with fentanyl being twofold. It’s very, very powerful. And the gap between a decent high and dead is not large. The two combine to make measurement of doses – and obviously it’s worse for an illegal product – difficult and thus lots of people die.

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  1. “It’s desperate times in Vancouver and it’s hard to see any silver lining right now…..”

    I don’t know, there’s nine less junkies on the streets, that’s not a bad thing.

  2. partnered with China to stem its flow

    As the article states – carfentanil is 100 time more potent again than fentanyl – which makes it 100 times easier to move around in pure form…

    Understandable I suppose that no mention is made of any Triad involvement eh?

    I also note that the present Trudeau has reputedly trousered quite a bit of wedge from PRC affiliates in Vancouver.

  3. This sort of thing typically happens when the incumbent supplier is forced out and the new one underestimates how much the old one diluted the drug.

  4. Only if they didn’t already procreate.

    As long as big pharma is still pedaling opiods I don’t see this epidemic going away quickly. People want to get high and with ‘respectable’ sources saying a drug is safe we will continue to see new users. At least everyone was told crack is whack.

  5. You missed the bit where they want to add a % increase to property tax to deal with the crisis, given they lost a referendum on increasing tax to pay for transit expansion I don’t see how they think people will be happy to pay extra for this.
    In fairness part of losing the transit referendum was the incompetence of the transit organisation rather than just opposition to tax. I think the funniest bit was most probably during the campaign they sacked the CEO/President and then it was revealed they contractually had to keep paying him and the interim replacement they brought in to replace him.

  6. Prohibition gave rise to poor quality spirits and people died from them. No doubt many moralists at the time said ‘never mind they are law breaking alcoholics so that’s fine, evolution in action, etc’. Also oblivious to the fact that probably quite a few of their friends had the odd beer, perhaps a bottle of smuggled wine or bootleg whiskey at Xmas etc.

    Fentanyl is a very high strength opiodand their are a number of others. For some of these the cattle dose is the same size as 3-4 grains of salt. So if the mixing prior to pill creation is not of the highest standard you end up with fatal level pills.
    Clearly the proper free market based solution is to legalise all drugs and license the manufacture. Thus people will be getting clean known drugs of precise doseage, taxed, saving oodles of money on law enforcement and imprisonment costs.

    I’ve had Fentanyl a couple of times recently as part of surgical procedures and it’s a nice drug (I’ve thrown up both times afterwards but not as badly as a drink induced puke).

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