And after that begin to change the culture of saving which is crushing well-being under a mountain of financial wealth.

I just wonder what it means. Other than MOAR TAX that is.

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  1. He wants it so that (other) people don’t have savings .

    That way , they would be totally dependent on “The Courageous State” .

    Apparently this situation would be “desirable” and personal financial independence is undesirable .

    Judging by the pitiful surpluses of cash held by the average American and Briton , he has already got his way .

  2. Striebs has it. If there is no private saving, all investment will be by the Courageous State, paid for by People’s QE and directed by Murphy.

    He loathes the thought of anything being independent of the government.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Its easy to see what would happen if we took at him at his words and started spending our savings – we’d be accused of mindless consumption and not worthy and our savings should be confiscated taxed, to save us from ourselves.

  4. “And after that begin to change the culture of saving which is crushing well-being under a mountain of financial wealth.”

    Total gibberish.

  5. If Richie feels his well-being is being crushed under a mountain of financial wealth, he’s welcome to ease the burden by sending some of that mountain my way. I am made of sterner stuff.

  6. Isn’t wealth the result of not saving?

    What we consume makes us wealthy, not what we save.

    All that saved ‘financial wealth’ in early 1930s Germany comes to mind.

  7. Oddly I feel there is one source of wealth to be tapped and that is that of people like Murphy – the introduction of a ‘Socialist tax’ to be levied on individual cultural Marxists, as well as the compulsory purchase of their houses and pensions at 50% of their value. This should yield some useful assets that can either be used to bring Styruan refugees into Crouch End/ Hampstead etc or to compensate victims of Murphyite policies. He deserves nothing less…

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    I feel so sorry for those poor people crushed under a mountain of financial wealth. My heart bleeds for them. Clearly these cash mountains are dangerous and should only be handled by professionals. So I am putting my hand up. It is a cruel burden but someone has got to do it.

    Everyone should forward me their surplus cash – everything above beyond a bowl of luke warm porridge per day with a kipper, perhaps, for Sunday. I will look after it. I have a plan to recycle it to benefit the Third World, which will, I am sure, warm the hearts of all who really care.

    Well, when I say Third World, I mean part of the Third World. That part that consists of poor young girls from the countryside in Thailand and Russia for instance. Perhaps, from time to time, at the same time.

    It is a dirty job but someone has got to do it.

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