Interesting question in The Guardian


Is there a part of the world that has both tigers and toucans?


Not in a zoo, obviously?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Is there a place with tropical birds or tigers that also has economic growth? Apart from China which has eaten all its tigers. I bet they would eat the toucans too if given a chance.

    Typical Guardian fantasy. Modernity remains a monopoly of northern Europeans (plus the Japanese, South Koreans, and some Chinese communities)

  2. The Guardian believes it is in the forest looking at the city, but it really is the top floor of the tallest skyscraper, looking down on everyone else and wringing their hands in dismay.

  3. Maybe not Tigers, but there are Toucans and Jaguars in some rainforests in S and C America.

    Saw a Toucan in the wild in Brazil. Didn’t get too much time to appreciate it as there was a huge furry spider sitting idly on the path right in front of me. I decided discretion was the better part of valour and moved quickly on.

  4. “And why is the tiger not interested in dinner (antelope).”

    Because they have United against the common enemy, comrade! Capitalism!

  5. The advertising billboards of my childhood, the toucans advertising Guinness, the tigers Kelloggs and Esso. Billboards are probably part of Guardianistan.

  6. “Is there a place with tropical birds or tigers that also has economic growth? ”
    Si, SMfS. Colombia. +5% pa, currently. Down from 6%, thanks to the fuck-ups its export markets have made of their economies.
    UK growth is?

  7. ‘We simply have too much stuff that no one possibly needs.’

    ‘Inequality, which now impacts on the natural world, may be the little sister of them all.’

    ‘… and poverty’

    No need for internal consistency . . . it’s the Guardian.

  8. “Is there a place with tropical birds or tigers that also has economic growth? ”

    Pretty much all of South East Asia??

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    CR had +3.7% GDP growth last year. They’re whacking up condos within walking distance of my place in a quiet little suburb just like in the cartoon at the rate of about one every four months, and have been for twenty years. Apparently middle class urban professionals like them. Oh, and toucans: yes; tigers: no.

  10. Toucans are native to the Western Hemisphere, centered around Central American and the Caribbean Islands.

    There are no native tigers in the Western Hemisphere.


  11. Well I guess we know where to start reducing the human population. Or if we’re feeling particularly kind, who to reduce to absolute poverty.

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