Is it ‘coz fatty lardbuckets get laid less often?

Women should be encouraged to lose weight before they get pregnant, expert says

6 thoughts on “Is it ‘coz fatty lardbuckets get laid less often?”

  1. I doubt it given the number of land whales pushing prams around the high street. My first thought is always: who on earth would shag that!

    Some blokes obviously have no standards at all.

  2. Anon for what should be obvious reasons.
    A family member had been in this situation – being “short-n-wide” seems to run in that side of the family. She had been unable to get pregnant – with her long term partner before any of the wise cracks start !
    They were offered IVF on the NHS, but she had to lose weight to meet their criteria. However, when she’d nearly reached the target weight set for her, it happened in the natural way and she now has a very lovely baby daughter.
    And I’ll add that like in the song, there’s someone for everyone. My wife is from the same short-n-wide mould – but then I’m not exactly a stick insect myself.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    It is important for women to lose weight before getting pregnant because there is f**k all chance of them doing so after they give birth.

    However there is no woman too fat that some desperate (and dare I suggest more likely to be Vibrant?) man won’t get her knocked up.

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