Isn’t this just great?

John Podesta runs Think Progress. John Podesta was Hillary’s campaign manager. That campaign which fucked up royally. So, what happens next

What can you do? Resist.
Support the Trump investigative fund. Get a T-shirt. Give someone a hug.

Everyone should give money to John Podesta in order to resist the result of the campaign that John Podesta fucked up.

That cake and munching thing comes to mind….

16 thoughts on “Isn’t this just great?”

  1. Whist they’re not devoting their effort & money to developing policies would a give viable candidate a shot at 2020, who cares? The longer they spend gazing intently up their own arse’oles, the better.

  2. The Trump investigative Fund???

    The TRUMP Investgative Fund????

    The Demogog-gang must really love thin ice. They are going to investigate Trump?

    Time for Trump to get the ball rolling on a few official investigations of his own methinks? No pantsuits in orange Killery.

  3. John Pederasta? This pizza stuff sounds bonkers to me. I wonder whether it is vowelism? (i.e. an “ism” aimed against people whose names end in a vowel)

    I don’t doubt that the Clintons are an evil pair, but that doesn’t mean that they indulge in every evil available to rich Americans with no conscience and unrestrained appetites. Does it?

  4. @

    “…it’s hard for me to remain attracted to someone whose views are so different from mine, and who believes in bigotry and xenophobia—which sucked, because the sex was amazing.

    Then he said, “Not accepting other people’s beliefs is the definition of bigotry.” “

    Man is correct. Woman is typical “tolerant” Leftie where only one viewpoint may exist.

    “So apparently it was my fault. “

    Ha ha ha ha – yes it is.

    Are you related to Holly?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    That story looks like it comes from the same fantasy stable as the Antonia Carew-Watt story about the woman who shouted at the cashier.

  6. Canadian slag doesn’t administer the political test until after she shags–whadda mistake to make.

    “Playing the Big Buck Hunter “??

    I know I’m getting old but is that really what they call it these days?

    “Are you related to Holly”? sounds like some Euro-Horror movie. Which –after perusal–it is.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I saw a picture of one of John Podesta’s houses. It made Versailles look like a lean-to toilet. This man has been elevated to wealth and power of which most can only dream simply by propinquity to the throne. He’s the sort of tapeworm that makes normal people dream of guillotines.

  8. Who wants a bet the that Socialist Worker Holly went to Roedean, has a trust fund and Daddy is something in the City or suchlike?

    In fact I’d say that ‘Socialist Worker Party member’ is one of those oxymorons – none of them have ever done a proper days work in their lives, and wouldn’t a clue which end of a shovel was which.

  9. “We hooked up….”

    Of all the evasive, disingenuous, nothing-to-do-with-me-isms, this one has it hands-down.

    You hormonal witch, you tugged off your sogging knickers and lustfully dragged yourself onto his outside.

    Good for you. Sounds like you enjoyed it. But spare me the demure Edwardian demoiselle shy of describing one minute too long behind the bookcase with young Galahad. You didn’t hook up. You sucked the essence from each other. You saw the whitest whites of each other’s eyes, and were happy to make gurning, clown faces in front of one another, in front of another human being you’d known for a couple of hours. Don’t whitewash it. It was what it was. I’ve done it.

    But spare me the virginal cant.

    “Hooked up”? You didn’t hook up (whatever that even means). You were horny, so you got laid. Say it.

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