Just a super little song

Nope, not great art, but following the classic structure.

Love lost, love lost, love found, ancient Greek story structure to a bouncy beat. Why not?

My only problem is I cannot work out which of the three musicians is the Devil.

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m going with the base guitarist, but it’s a few years since I knew him so wouldn’t put money on it. Nice catchy tune but. Can’t help thinking it’s a bit of a rip off from something, must be her vouce.

    Surprised to see the comment on another thread that his missus still hasn’t got her UK passport. Crying shame because she’s the sort of immigrant we shoul be welcoming with open arms.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’ve got most of her stuff. Another very underrated wee lassie. I’m a big KT Tunstall fan as well.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Note to self, don’t comment after a couple of large glasses of red wine and a large single malt.

  4. After listening to a selection of her music I have to ask why has the sound quality of youtube videos dropped so much over the last 9 years?

    Perhaps it’s just that my ears are still more sensitive than most, despite the tinnitus. I can’t remember the technical terms I knew years ago but low end frequencies sound like they have been attenuated and it feels like there is a lot of subtle detail missing.

    On topic: Three musicians? I count four: Singer/rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, and drummer.

    Is this a cultural difference where one of those four doesn’t count as a musician across the pond? If so I’m guessing it’s the drummer solely based on Ringo. Of the remaining three I don’t think any is the devil based on musical aptitude alone.

    If you are referring to the person that broke her heart, as apparent in her work from a few years later, I can’t tell from the limited sample I listened to.

  5. Heh, no. The “Devil” is a UK blogger that many of us know by sight etc. And of the three male musicians there, both the guitarists, bass and lead, look a little like him. Modestly so, no more.

  6. Thank you for the clarification. I spent way too much time trying to figure out what you meant. In the case the devil was in the cultural differences. With the appropriate information it took me a couple seconds to google an image and I see what you meant.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Heh, no. The “Devil” is a UK blogger that many of us know by sight etc”

    And in his day the best swear blogger the web has produced. He also wrote a lot of very good classic liberal / libertarian stuff. He was very good on minarchism and understanding how the working class looked after themselves and each other before the welfare state.

    Sadly he was the wrong side of a run in with Andrew Neil, having been setup to go on his programme. The Devil had just done a rather good post about some teacher union reps who’d had a run in with John Gummer because they claimed their responsibility was to teachers and not the children. I’ve found reference to it here:

    So DC says: It’s time we tilted the scales back into the favour of teachers.
    and we, naturally, think it is a good idea. But just a few days ago, on this blog, we were told about John Gummer’s encounter with the leader of a teacher’s union at their conference stand:

    …Above them all the keynote claim ‘PUTTING TEACHERS FIRST’.

    I approached the imposing woman behind the counter. “Shouldn’t that read ‘putting children first’ I ventured. “Certainly not! We’re a Trade Union and I’m its General Secretary.” Clearly I’d struck lucky and this was the big boss. “We put teachers first so we can get the terms and conditions that allow us to do the best for the children

    It was a classic in the swear blogging genre and Andrew Neil was only interested in the Devil’s swear blogging rather than his libertarianism which is why he thought he was asked on..

    As a consequence he took his main blog down and tried to start again, but his heart was never really in it and he gave up blogging.

    I still think he’s the bass player.

  8. DK always came across as a damned decent, genuine bloke too. I’d buy him a drink any day.

    Regarding the song, yes it’s good. I’ve heard something of hers before and liked it, but can’t remember where and what song. The chorus sounds a little like that of Tall Lover Man by June Carter-Cash.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    “DK always came across as a damned decent, genuine bloke too. I’d buy him a drink any day.”

    Having done that I can assure you he is good company.

  10. You’re all too kind…

    I really like Amy Macdonald—she specialises in fun little ditties—but I had never actually watched this video. But I rather wish that I had the musical aptitude to be either of those guitarists…

    I play a mean air-guitar, mind…!


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