Now now dear, don’t get bitchy

Judith Woods Cool or creepy? Mick Jagger welcomes eighth child – but late-life fatherhood shouldn’t be a badge of honour

It’s in premium so none of us can read what she actually says, at which point the only thing left is speculation.

Which is, no doubt, birds can’t have kids late in life because menopause, so men shouldn’t either. Plus, isn’t it creepy that old rich and famous men can still shag young pert birds?

The Bastards.

Le Fin

OK, might dress it up a little with not being able to be there for the the nativity plays or summat but that’ll be the core of it.

13 thoughts on “Now now dear, don’t get bitchy”

  1. I hope they have separate bedrooms: him, so he can get his geezer sleep in between peeing past his enlarged prostate; her, so as she doesn’t get woken every time he toddles off for a piss or has to see that scarily raddled visage first thing in the morning.

  2. Deffo the kind of story to stash behind the wall.

    When the PM writes for that rag has she charged for the words?

  3. The basic rule about political writing is that if you’re writing as a politician then you don’t get paid. Ministers never of course, no outside income is allowed. But if Corbyn writes for The G, as the Leader of the Labour Party, then he’ll not get paid.

    But if some backbench MP does a book review then they will get paid, just like any other freelance.

    There’s obviously a grey area in there but that’s the general rule.

  4. Feel sorry for the sprogs, though, given the likelihood the old man will pick the bucket while they’re still children, and will probably not have much energy to engage with them before that.

  5. I want to know the numbers who’ve actually subscribed to the Telegraph (assuming that’s where this is from).

    I’m guessing they’re pitiful.

  6. Edward Lud

    Even if he were younger, the time off touring and recording would detract from contact time.

    I often feel sorry for the kids of celebrities in general. Aside from the traditional ‘sleb problems (intrusion into private life, the way they’ll be treated by kidd and teachers at school, the low life-span of the average ‘sleb relationship, the pressure to do something “big” with your life like daddy did) a lot of them seem to end up with various substance or mental health issues even as adults.

    My sympathy generally dissipates when I remember the money side of things, but still, I’m glad my parents and upbringing were less remarkable.

  7. That was supposed to say “Aside from the traditional ‘sleb problems while they’re young”… The substance issue is still a pretty traditional ‘sleb problem, but seems to apply even if they aren’t particularly famous as adults!

  8. @MyBurningEars

    I feel really sorry for the children of the rich and famous whose parents decide to donate everything to charity in their wills….”cause it’s good to find your own way in the world”

  9. @Andrew C

    I don’t think that happens particularly often – suspect “‘sleb parent goes bankrupt after income from fame declines” is the bigger cause of ‘slebling disinheritance. But like you I feel that the wee’uns should have some compensation for such a ****ed-up childhood as many have inflicted on them.

  10. A pal of mine worked for Roman Abramovich for a while, and got to know his 18-year old son. Apparently, despite the wealth and his hob-knobbing with the likes of Ashley Cole in London’s nightclubs, he was a pretty well-balanced young man. Which is good, I think.

  11. OK, might dress it up a little with not being able to be there for the the nativity plays or summat but that’ll be the core of it.

    But mom will. And so will second dad. And that trust fund the kid’s likely to inherit (along with any benefits of the name) will go a long way to ease the pain over the course of her life.

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