Ooooooh! Nasty!

Prof. Steve Keen on private debt and his solution people’s QE

His solution?

A falling out with The Spud in 3…2…1

21 thoughts on “Ooooooh! Nasty!”

  1. Not sure I follow – does one have to watch the video – or is it going to be an issue of plagiarising bollox from ole pig-face?

  2. Egotist or just thick?

    Dr. Keith Crainshaw says:
    December 15 2016 at 12:34 pm
    Good news. I remember reading some of the commentary at the time and it was nasty stuff. Saying you couldn’t do basic accountancy like calculating dividends, calling you a union shill and suffering from some Dunning-Kruger disease.

    More power to you Richard.

    P Petain says:
    December 15 2016 at 3:39 pm
    I agree. You would think that somebody operating under the obligations of membership of a professional body would able to comply with just the basic requirements for treating others with courtesy and consideration, being honest and truthful, and avoiding making disparaging references to the work of others. Only a blithering idiot would struggle with what is essentially just being a decent human being.

    Dr. Keith Crainshaw says:
    December 16 2016 at 8:45 am
    You are right, and the fact that these people can’t see it in themselves means they are beyond help and should be ignored, or at least ridiculed.

  3. and avoiding making disparaging references to the work of others

    Interestingly, none of my professional codes of conduct, unlike ICAEW, forbid this. Probably because the engineering institutions would quite like professional engineers to make disparaging references to other engineers’ work when, and only when, it is unfit for purpose.

    Considering that Murphy has yet to rise from his usual “complete and utter ignorant bollocks” to “obvious even to a an idiot (or a journalist, but I repeat myself) that it is total rubbish”, merely “unfit for purpose” is a dizzy height possibly beyond his comprehension, never mind a realistic target for achievement.

  4. Prof Steve Keen of Kingston University – the hallowed grove of academe that employs that intellectual titan, Sunny Hundal.

  5. At Athens airport waiting for a flight in a silent lounge, and Mr Scoper’s post has made me snort booze out of my nose.

    I may be being deemed unsuitable for executive level treatment as a result of this.

    Chapeau, M. Petain!

  6. > Kingston University – the hallowed grove of academe …

    Isn’t Essex worse for terrible economics / accounting profs? Prem Sikka springs to mind; and their graduates occasionally grace the pages of the Guardian with silly ideas.

  7. Andrew M
    I’m sure you are right. Essex does excel in other areas than economics, while Kingston is a ‘mickey mouse’ university.

  8. My mother got her social work diploma from Kingston poly back in the 1980s.

    I frequently use the term ‘bollocks’ when referring to other engineers work, sometimes adding ‘complete and utter’.

  9. Bloke in La Mancha
    And History. Hugh Brogan taught there – he of the masterly one volume history of the USA.

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