Perhaps an intervention might be in order?

Corporation means body; capital means head. But corporate capital has neither head nor body.


7 thoughts on “Perhaps an intervention might be in order?”

  1. What does the idiot have his photo at the top of the page for if he is so against slebs?

    Monbo just gets stupider. Tim says he is paid £40 grand a year for his part-time job. Why????

    Hey Gladrag I will write better stuff for £25 large a year.

  2. Mr Ecks you’re onto something. The precipitous decline of traditional press outfits’ standards correlates with the rise of bylines and vanity shots of hacks.

  3. I’d guess the clue with Monbiot’s the 40 grand. Like Murphy & Pollytwat,he’s found there’s a living to be made spouting a line of BS, pushes the right buttons with a readership, will encourage organisations to pay for it. If you don’t much care about the consequences of the BS, what’s the problem? Guys who’ll push heroin at the school gates do all right. Doesn’t necessarily make them stupid.

  4. ‘A study published in the journal Cyberpsychology reveals ‘

    ‘A database search by the anthropologist Grant McCracken reveals that in the US actors’

    ‘A survey of 16-year-olds in the UK revealed’

    ‘The survey published in the IJCS I mentioned earlier also reveals’

    There’s that Leftist terminology again. “Revealed,” as in revealed truth. Lefties use it as an imprimatur of truth.

    Studies, etc., are not revealed truth. They may not even be true.

    Meanwhile, Monbiot just happened to be reading Cyberpsychology one day and noticed the article? It’s name dropping in the age of internet searching.

  5. I wasted the time reading a good portion of the article trying to understand the quote in context. I’m not mad at Timmy. I’m mad at myself for thinking I could gain understanding by reading the Guardian once again.

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