President-elect Donald Trump will nominate bankruptcy attorney David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel

The other David Friedman would have been a very interesting appointment.

10 thoughts on “Pity”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    This thing about the embassy:

    The US embassy has been located in Tel Aviv for more than 68 years. Trump had pledged during the presidential campaign to move it to Jerusalem, a move almost certain to provoke objections from Muslims around the world.

    Muslims are famously good-humoured, calm and tolerant people, so I’m sure this isn’t true.

    But why bother moving the embassy at all? Sounds like an expensive waste of time to hump all those people and equipment 40 miles down the road. Tel Aviv has better transport links too.

    Or are they just going to swap the welcome signs outside the consulate in Jerusalem with the embassy in Tel Aviv?

    Either way, is this something Israel really cares about, or is it more a sop to Evangelicals back home?

  2. Is the Israeli ambassador one of the posts where the job is to host soiress and present the ferreo rochers? Aren’t these handed out to supporters as prizes in the Yank political universe?

  3. Not sure about the better transport links. Tel Aviv is a car park at the moment (largely so it will have those better transport links some time in the future). Distance from the airport is pretty marginal.

  4. Israeli opinion will, as usual, run the full spectrum from those who think (and pray) it will herald the coming of the messiah, through to total implacable opposition, by way of people who think it is cool to have more recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, and those who think it undiplomatic in the absence of a peace deal.

    With a lot of people not actually giving a fuck but still expressing a vocal opinion on it.

  5. The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 mandates that the US embassy be moved. All of the presidents since then have refused to to it, on the grounds that foreign policy is a presidential function that Congress cannot interfere with.

  6. “foreign policy is a presidential function”: if you read the Constitution you see it’s one of a modest set of functions assigned to him (all hims so far, Hellary!) by contrast to the absurd number actual Presidents have seized. Some people might think that O’s giving himself the power to kill anyone, including US citizens, whenever he feels like it, is going a bit far.

  7. Interesting, between this and Taiwan, Trump seems to really be winding up the believers in the status quo. Wonder when he is going to host the Dali Lama?

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