Precious snowflakes, aren’t they all?

“Immigrant!” the customer shouted at the cashier. “Trump!” she shrieked. Antonia Carew-Watts froze in line at the drugstore in Manhattan as the woman in front of her shouted a stream of abuse at the young female Rite Aid employee. Not all the conversation was audible, but Carew-Watts could hear that the cashier had an accent and the customer threatened to get her fired. Carew-Watts was shocked and angered, she recalls, but remained silent.

“Somehow I wasn’t able to stand up for that cashier. I said nothing, I was a coward. No one else said anything either,” said Carew-Watts, an attorney.

Carew-Watts’ lack of action bothered her. Why didn’t she know how to respond? Why didn’t she jump to help the young cashier? So when she heard about a self-defense and conflict resolution class being organized in New York for women rattled about their safety post-election, she jumped at the chance.

America elects a blowhard billionaire from New York rather than a blowhard decamillionaire from New York.

Women attend self defence classes.

16 thoughts on “Precious snowflakes, aren’t they all?”

  1. “Carew-Watts’ lack of action bothered her. Why didn’t she know how to respond? Why didn’t she jump to help the young cashier? “

    Because this is something we can file under ‘Never Happened’..?

  2. These shrieking feminists were all over Facebook with their “action plans” after the election, deluding themselves into thinking:

    1) They were going to be attacked and
    2) They needed to learn “self defense” techniques

    It’s a desperate display of trying to feel important: nobody is going to attack them (other than the thugs who attack everybody) and self defense classes are useless. What they need is a gun, but they don’t like them either. I really don’t know if they genuinely believe this shit or if it’s pure virtue-signalling.

  3. Mouthy leftist lawdog–who seems to have little difficulty gobbing it large to the staff (not “reporter” or “journalist” –no longer appropriate) of the Gladrag, has nothing to say in shop queue. Supposedly.

    Yep–I think that is another one that remains in the shadowy realm of never having taken place outside her brainpan.

    As for the rest of the lying cockrot it is another illustration of the concept of projection. Those responsible for –and indeed those who have advocated all along–violence are rushing to BJJ lessons. Cos they are scared.

    Most likely scared their lying bullclump isn’t working anymore.

    The left are lying, evil scum.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yep, JuliaM. Utter bullshit. Total confabulation from start to finish. I mean, this is supposed to be Manhattan, which is as everyone knows a hotbed of pro-Trump redncks. I don’t know what percentage of these stories are frauds, but it’s at least 50% and probably a lot higher.

  5. @BiCR: Manhattan also probably has more smartphones than people. And a population used to living their life in full HD YouTube.

    No-one had a signal that day. Or had all run out of battery. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

  6. I wonder if Ms Carew-Watts might be connected to the Sir Nicholas Carew, Companion to the King of King Henry VIII and leading equestrian and jouster of his day, see the Holbein. He had his head chopped off because of his support for of Queen Catherine of Aragon.

  7. Apparently, the prime reason for electing Hillary was to break the glass ceiling. Any reservations people had about her policies and character flaws should be set aside in order to achieve this single goal. Even those who would not normally vote Democrat should fall into line behind this laudable aim. As the overriding desire was to see a vagina elected to the White House, I can’t wait to see the same women enthusiastically urge the breaking of the French glass ceiling and have a vagina elected to the Élysée Palace. Although I’m sure the argument is along the lines of women of the right having a hole where their vagina is supposed to be.

  8. What? Antonia Carew-Wats of Yale and Harvard Law School is in fear for her life as a member of a victimised minority? How we must feel for such vulnerable members of society.

    JuliaM has it: the story is bullshit.

  9. “post-election” is a prepositional adjective. She needs to write either “safety post the election” or “post-election safety”. More proof that you have to demonstrate failing an English language exam before you’re allowed to be a journalist.

  10. Yes, I’d file this under “fake but accurate”, i.e. politically-motivated fake BS.

    Has anyone else noticed that Trump supporters feared that Hillary would be a crap president. But hillary supporters now fear that Trump will be a *good* president.

    Let that one sink in for a while.

    They fear that a *good* president might have been elected, but what’s more important is that the President be on their team, no matter how they perform…

  11. BiCR/Julia M

    You are both spot on. If she had said Staten Island there is the faintest possibility it might have been true but of course it’s highly unlikely ‘Antonia Carew – Watts’ would even risk taking the ferry let alone going to a Rite Aid store. There is simply no way this would have happened in Manhattan, even in Areas where ‘Carew-Watts’ would not chance to venture (Alphabet City, Inwood, East Harlem, Washington Heights)

  12. I can’t wait to see the same women enthusiastically urge the breaking of the French glass ceiling and have a vagina elected to the Élysée Palace.

    Not that I expect it to happen, but I suspect a modern day version of the argument made about St. Margaret of Thatcher to be used along the lines of “She’s not a real woman” and “She is misguided because of internalised misogyny”.

    I’m presuming that one of the side-effects of whatever gynaecological disease “internalised misogyny” is causes the breasts to shrivel, the vagina to close up and a penis to sprout in its place.


  13. “…the *woman* in front of her shouted a stream of abuse …”

    So the self-defence classes need to teach her to avoid sharpened fingernails and viciously swung handbags.

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