Prime, prime, trolling

So, that Dakota pipeline thing. Trump owned shares in it you know. As Salon, Think Progress et al have been screaming all week. Conflict of interest!


President-elect Donald Trump sold all his shares in companies in June, his spokesman said Tuesday, a move that could have created a cash windfall as he ramped up to begin a costly general election presidential campaign that at the time he claimed he would personally support with “major contributions.”

Not so much I think. I reckon that’s about when he really thought he was going to win so why not prepare that petard for them to be hoist upon?

I wonder whether we’ll see a walk back on those conflict of interest claims?

15 thoughts on “Prime, prime, trolling”

  1. With his cancelling if Air Force One deal, Trump revealed that he liquidate his entire stock holding back in June. Of course there’s his interest in The Trump Organization, but that thing is setup to keep the company in the hands of the family by his grandmother, and avoid paying inheritance tax. He’s letting his 3 oldest kids to run the company.

  2. Snowflakes have never shown any reverence for truthfulness. The Btl comments in the Guardian are full of bs about tax-dodging Amazon, for example,and how fracking has destroyed water supplies in Flint.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Slightly OT but the Planet Money team have done an investigation in to a fake news story and found the self confessed orginator of the FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead story.

    If he’s to be believed there’s quite a business, £30k per month, and he’s a Democrat. He also reckons that fake news stories don’t work on democrat voters.

    I hadn’t realised that it was so elaborate, they set up fake news organisations as well as fake news sites for different communities with fake weather forecasts and fake local news, all to add authenticity to the story they want to spread. Its easy to see why this can become a problem and people falling for them.

  4. hmmm

    @bind The LibLeft fall for fake news in the Groan and Indy every day, as we know.

    There will be one soon about banning portable bee pollination services due to damage to other local pollinators … see Farming Today earlier this week for the academic who raised it but did not prove it.

    And I see the Trump Threw His Money At It Bastard Billionaire meme is still running.

  5. “If he’s to be believed there’s quite a business, £30k per month, and he’s a Democrat. He also reckons that fake news stories don’t work on democrat voters.”

    Eh? So all those Dem voters crying and having palpitations cos Trump will have a Muslim registry, and is Literally Hitler don’t exist then?

  6. @bind

    There have been several similar stories re Macedonian teens – also reporting that their pro-Sanders stories didn’t generate revenue but Trump did.

    What really worried me is that they say the big market after US politics is health news. Sounds like the internet – which already is like the Mail or Express times ten on that topic – may become more like the Mail times 100.

  7. I suppose at least we can look out for headlines that include the phrase “one weird trick” and discount them…

    Incidentally someone did very well out of that acai berry scam a few years back. That had plenty of fake “news” stories complete with fake news sites, so that isn’t a new phenomenon. Almost all of them originated from one guy who turned out to be an e-marketing lecturer on a Spanish MBA course iirc. Must have made shed loads of money if all the disgruntled customer reports are accurate…

  8. There’s been a meme on Facebook of late with a picture of Jacob Rees-Mogg and a blurb about how despite him being against benefits fraud the Chancellor has stumped up several millions of Quid’s to do up his wife’s ancestral home. About 2 second’s googling reveals the fact that her family sold the place… just over a quarter of a century ago.

  9. Macedonian teens obviously can’t compete with the big established players in the liberal fake news game.

  10. The amount of Trump idiocy on social media is getting really tedious. Some guy went on Facebook to proclaim that being named Time Man Of The Year would imply that Trump were like the winner in 1938, Hitler. Yawn. I pointed out that Gandhi also won the accolade. I guess that’s one fewer Xmas card this year

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