Quite remarkable what they’re calling historical secrets these days

Historian Dan Snow uncovers the secret past of his Prime Minister great-great-grandfather Lloyd George – he was a notorious womaniser 

10 thoughts on “Quite remarkable what they’re calling historical secrets these days”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The question is not whether the last PM to openly live with his mistress was a womanizer.

    The question is whether he was a murderer. Someone was last seen going into a house with his electoral agent. No body was ever found.

  2. For those who’ve never heard it: civil servant to LG, who was about to go to the peace conference in Paris – “Will Mrs Lloyd George be accompanying you, PM?”

    Answer: “Who would take a sandwich to a banquet?”

  3. The article would read more honestly as “Hey! I’m Dan Snow and my great great grandfather was Lloyd George! Did you hear me?”

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I like the line from Kitchener about how he didn’t like sharing military secrets with the Cabinet because they would all tell their wives, apart from Lloyd George, who would tell someone else’s wife.

  5. ‘Secret’ is marketing-speak for ‘possibly new to you, dear reader’. It is irritating how often it crops up in tourism, publishing, etc.

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