Seriously Vova, that’s taking the scary clown menace a bit too far

A social worker who dressed up as a clown to cheer up traumatised and hopeless children in war-ravaged Aleppo is believed to have been killed in an airstrike.

4 thoughts on “Seriously Vova, that’s taking the scary clown menace a bit too far”

  1. It is also inviting revenge.

    Are the World’s secret and sinister Clown Squad going to take the killing of one of their own lying down? Even if the chair collapses?

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If I’d just had my house blown up and my parents smeared all over the scenery I don’t think seeing some gurning red-nosed cunt in an orange wig would improve my mood. As Terry Pratchett so wisely observed, clowns aren’t funny.

  3. BiCR: Not true.

    Clowns can be funny. Charlie Caroli at Blackpool Tower Circus used to be a good laugh–esp with the routine he did when the circus ring filled up with water.

    Clowns are fine –in context, ie The Circus.

    The problem is a surfit of clowns in all manner of situations–be it the media or the middle of the street–where clowns don’t belong. Media hysteria and horseshit are serving up “bad” clowns like portions of boiled beef and carrots gone rancid ( to borrow the marvellous phrase from horror commentator Phillip Rigby). Very soon the media scum will poisoned another small facet of an old fashioned childhood.

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