Snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes

Steve Martin was forced to delete his Twitter tribute to the late Carrie Fisher after critics labeled the remembrance as ‘sexist’.
Fisher’s death at the age of 60 took her fans, friends and family by surprise and Martin was one of the many celebrities who voiced his shock and sadness at her passing online.
‘When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,’ the comedian wrote on Twitter.
Some on Twitter came out to criticize Martin’s post however, saying that his attention first on her physical appearance before her personality wasn’t the right way to remember Hollywood princess.

We have reached madness gone politically correct now, haven’t we?

You know, given that a major attribute of an actress be that she is light on the eyes?

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  1. Idiot. Never back down with SJWs. There is no advantage. These are pathetic people with nothing better to do than to try and “win” at some pathetic battle over language and offence. Backing down fuels them to do it again. And there’s no upside for you. In fact, there’s a downside: you’ll now forever be the guy who admitted his tweet was offensive.

    They really don’t like people who leave the tweets up. They’re powerless against them, and within a few days, they’ll move on.

  2. ‘In 2015, . . . the American beauty and personal care business reached a market value of 80 billion U.S. dollars.’

    Reality is no longer real.

  3. Agree with Bloke in Wiltshire again – you don’t appease a crocodile by feeding it your leg. And the point is these people cannot be appeased – no capitulation, however abject, will satisfy them. Better to remain silent or increase the provocation.

  4. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    Agree and amplify as Chateau Heartiste would say. Always the way with these people. Milo does it beautifully.

  5. Van_Patten,

    It’s worth trying to appease a crocodile by feeding it someone else’s leg, especially that of a random SJW who may pass by at an opportune moment.

  6. “his attention first on her physical appearance before her personality”.

    OK, here goes.

    Dianne Abbot’s personality is one of the ugliest I have ever seen. She is willfully stupid, opinionated, and wrong. Why anyone ever has her on TV is incomprehensible. So much for her personality.

    As to her “looks”, She could only be loved by someone a downright peculiar as a loony leftist, no matter what age is is/was.

    Please tell me I have redressed the balance ?

  7. The Knobability Index (KI) does not go low enough for Diane Abbott, though Jabba the Hutt would probably give her a 10.

  8. Looks like Steve Martin isn’t all that publicly political, so this time there isn’t the full Cumberbatch-ian joy of seeing the SJWs turn on one of their own.

    It says he has donated a relatively small amount to the Democrats, so maybe a little chuckle is allowed.

  9. “Fisher’s death at the age of 60 took her fans, friends and family by surprise…”

    Her heart attack might have, but the subsequent death shouldn’t.

    Her mother’s death was far more surprising.

  10. Bloke in Taiwan

    Definitely – two of my favourite Twitter accounts are the legendary @SkipLicker and @obotheclown (who has appeared in this parish back in the day) – both of which could not give a flying f%%^ about who they offend, and in both cases as they take great pleasure in pointing out, one of the greatest freedoms is the freedom to be offensive……

  11. Julia, I dunno if her mother’s death was so surprising. She was 84, had recently had a couple of strokes and apparently the two doted on one another. They basically lived together. When I heard about Fisher’s death I thought that her mother wouldn’t last long. Granted just one day was quick mind.

  12. Even if I had some personal animus towards Carrie Fisher or Steve Martin, and of course I don’t, I wouldn’t even think of using her death or any genuinely well-meant tribute to her as a platform from which to sound off about politics or virtual signal.

    These people are mentally ill.

  13. On a tangent, but has anyone else started having a bit of trouble enjoying the work of some actors once you know how vile their views are (usually expressed via the medium of Twitter)?

    Because they spend more time emoting their bigotry and ignorance in the real world, I’m finding it harder to separate the actor from the part they play these days.

    The Cumberbatches, the Will Smiths and the Michael Sheens.

    Brexit and Trump have turned the celeb shrillness up to new heights this year.

    It would help if the news folks stopped publishing their ill-informed crap, as you come across it accidentally whether you want to or not. I had no idea Carrie Fisher was something of an anti-Trump SJW until she died, for instance.

    In large part is my suspicion that when they attack Farage or Trump or Brexit, what they are really having a go at is the everyday folks that keep the lights on, but just aren’t so “enlightened” as thespians. They just don’t have the guts to come out and say it directly. So I know I’m paying money to support the work of someone that hates me and mine.

  14. Also known as Professional Offence Seekers (which by an odd coincidence shares its acronym with Pile Of Shit.

  15. Van_Patten,

    In the spirit of having the freedom of being offensive. This reminds me of Murphy who, having been given a top tip, based on Paddy’s in opportune visit to the Vatican, that the Pope would be announced dead on Monday, missed out because he doubled the Pope up with the Archbishop of Canterbury. I told the joke in the Irish Club in Mount Isa (the largest Irish club in the Southern Hemisphere) back in 1981 and the then manager made it his own, stringing it out for 30 Ronny Corbettesque minutes of hilarious digression. He actually got a little tired of the regular requests to tell the ‘Pope joke’.

    But I digress, I just hope Murphy hasn’t missed out again by taking the Carrie, Debbie and Billie treble.

  16. I absolutely agree that you should never try to appease the SJWs. They are a mixture of leftist totalitarians, race/gender paranoiacs and spoiled brats. The totalitarians want absolute power, the brats demand instant gratification of their every whim and the paranoiacs are haunted by the phantoms of their own fevered imaginations.

    So you can’t reason with them because they won’t listen to anybody else and you can’t compromise with them because their demands are unlimited.

    You can’t even surrender to them because no matter what you concede they will always demand more. The SJWs can never admit that the political conflict is over because defining themselves as oppressed and marginalized is the core of their identity and the basis of their demands for special treatment. Claiming victory means giving up any claim to be oppressed. Admitting defeat means no power for the totalitarians, no gratification for the brats and no escape from their imaginary enemies for the paranoiacs.

    So the only option is to oppose them with uncompromising hostility. Don’t just refuse to back down. Treat them with utter contempt. Everything about “social justice” is utterly fraudulent and should be exposed as such. Diversity means conformity, equality means special treatment for favoured groups, anti-racism means hating white people and cultural appropriation and micro-aggressions don’t really exist. It’s all lies from top to bottom.

  17. Cynic,
    Yes. Finding out the entire cast was in the tank for the regime has definitely spoiled The Avengers for me.

    I have it on good authority that Jabba wouldn’t knob Abbott with his brother Billi’s.

  18. Cynic, not really. I’m used to ignoring an actor’s/author’s own views. I think Stephen King is one of our best living authors, but on Twitter, he’s an utter twat.

  19. You’d think their agents – whom I’d naively expect to be rather cynical, realistic types – would have a quiet word, wouldn’t you?

    Especially after Ghostbusters, including Dan Aykroyd’s stupid “KKK” remarks; and Star Trek Beyond, with its gay Sulu and Trump/Brexit references.

  20. I suspect it’s a condition of employment. But having a Hillary supporter play a character whose moto is “Truth, Justice and the American way” is like having a KKK grand wizard play MLK in blackface.

  21. Cynic,

    It’s worth remembering that what makes an entertainer an entertainer rather than an accountant or an engineer is that they’re wired differently. They’re not people who are good at critical analysis of information. They’re hugely about the feels.

    I also think that socially, being a Republican in the USA is much harder than being a Conservative here. You can be of the Milton Friedman variety, but a lot of that party is about religion and limiting rights.

  22. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never a surprise when I accidentally find out a ‘sleb is an insufferable leftist.

    Actors and actresses pretend to be someone else for a living; they lie professionally. The better they do it, or the better they look doing it, the better an actor or actress they are.

    (unless you’re William Shatner, of course, as I’m not sure there’s any difference between The Shat and Captain Kirk)

  23. It’s nigh impossible to be a right-wing luvvie. Your entire career is a series of job interviews (auditions). One wrong move and you’re locked out of the job market. Look how they hounded Mel Gibson – and he’s one of the lucky ones who still gets tossed scraps. You have to toe the party line and avoid causing any offence.

    Sometime in recent history, it became acceptable to cause offence to right-leaning voters. That’s how we ended up where we are now.

  24. Righties are more tolerant, which might have something to do with it. We’re not offend-o-trons. That’s possibly why the behaviour of the Hollyweird crowd toward a good chunk of their customers has become so egregious – there was room for it to go that far.

    TBH, being more tolerant than SJWs isn’t a high bar – I never thought of myself as particularly tolerant until I started encountering middle-class lefties.

    But there is a line for all but the most saintly.

  25. “dearieme

    I don’t know much about her because I never watched Star Trek.”

    Watching Star Trek wouldn’t have taught you much about her.

    As she was in the Star Wars films.

  26. @ Cynic
    “The Godfather” was written and directed by luvvies who have no problem in admitting the influence of organised crime in Hollywood, albeit it skates over the dominance of Jews (Nimoy told us, with detailed justification, that “all Vulcans are Jewish”), because they seem to be exempt from Cosa Nostra.

  27. Andrew C, I had assumed that dearieme knew that when xe wrote that, as a ruse.

    I used to quite like Scarlett Johanssen, but her politics have somewhat ruined the experience of watching her movies. Whilst not religious myself I am very uncomfortable with the messianic pro-choice people and their message.

  28. That’s the problem with their constant, nigh-unavoidable spouting via social media and MSM, isn’t it?

    Now you don’t see her character on screen, you just see Scarlett Johansson. The fragile suspension of disbelief is gone.

    To top it off, it turns out from their attitudes that they aren’t even likeable people to make up for it.

  29. I’m with Cynic and his ilk on this one. It’s certainly true that, as a hedge fund manager once said at a libertarian conference I attended, when you listen to the organ grinder, you really shouldn’t care what the monkey thinks, but I take an economic view of the thing. In a small way, my paying a fee to see the monkey perform contributes to the inflated ego of the monkey and the fee eventually gets recycled into support for causes I abhor, and so I refuse to do that.

    And there really is a lot of interesting things one can be doing without ever turning on the telly or going to the movies.

  30. I’ve been thinking God is playing games with the MSM this year, first Brexit, then Trump, now Christmas game:

    God’s Ten-pin bowling
    He’s lined up a load of celebs as skittles and he’s knocking them down so fast MSM don’t have time for their days of grief whoring for each one.

    What fun.

    @Bloke in Wiltshire, December 29, 2016 at 12:03 pm


    I echo
    @Van_Patten, December 29, 2016 at 12:34 pm
    @Mal Reynolds (Serenity), December 29, 2016 at 12:42 pm
    et al

  31. “That’s the problem with their constant, nigh-unavoidable spouting via social media and MSM, isn’t it?

    Now you don’t see her character on screen, you just see Scarlett Johansson. The fragile suspension of disbelief is gone.”

    The old studio system worked a treat for this. It created icons because actors were told how they had to behave in public, what they could say, how they could dress. Everything about say, Judy Garland or Cary Grant fitted the on-screen image.

    It’s why people like The Kardashians and Paris Hilton have become so huge. While actors are acting like left-wing hippies and driving Priuses, the Kardashians are climbing out of Ferraris

  32. So Much For Subtlety

    Andrew M – “Sometime in recent history, it became acceptable to cause offence to right-leaning voters. That’s how we ended up where we are now.”

    The Spectator had an article recently by a man whose friend had been murdered. The man who did it had a list of people he wanted to kill with the reasons. Most of those reasons were “Tory scum” or the like.

    Someone is killed purely for their political beliefs and the mainstream media’s response? F*ck all. Unless, of course, it is about Jo Cox and the acts of a mentally ill man can be used to push a political agenda.

    JuliaM – “Her mother’s death was far more surprising.”

    What I like about Twitter is that every now and then a truth can break free:

    ‘Black Mama’s don’t die cuz they kids do'</i.

    Well not a truth. But something difficult for the politically correct snowflakes to process.

  33. Not to speak ill of the dead, but Iain Banks wrote tremendous science fiction while also holding a ridiculous 100% organic Progressive worldview.

  34. Charles Stross, as well. An out Trot, but still a good author. (Although his Merchant Princes series got a bit dull* as he let the Trot out to play with the storylines.)

    * Okay, hideously dull …

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