So this tells me then

Tim Worstall, who wrote the piece, is a horrid man who is anti-minimum wage among other repugnant things….

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  1. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    Hahaha. “Reputation of only picking facts that suit his arguments”

    This from people who want to implement a philosophy that massacred tens of millions of their own citizens in the 20th century every single time it was tried “because it has not been tried properly yet”.

  2. Forget the finances for a moment. The Queen uses the palace to entertain foreign dignitaries and to generally impress Johnny Foreigner (both dignitary and tourist) with its splendour. That’s a task for which it is manifestly unsuited at present. It’s entirely right that the taxpayer should fork out to maintain it.

  3. What, a sympathy blow job if the Prodigal Son sees the light?

    Could be, could be, not sure I’ll risk it though…..

  4. To be fair, I’m actually quite impressed that they reproduced your entire article before riposting to it, rather than cherry-picking out-of-context quotes. Or are they just sticking it to The Man’s copyright law?

  5. Where I wonder does HM prefer to put her feet up, exercise the dogs and chat to the neighbours? Sandringham and Balmoral I suspect. Also, could it be possible that it is only a sense of duty etc. that bring her to spend time in that grim barn of an under heated and over large palace the State requires her to use for State purposes?

  6. I notice the site didn’t mention that she is the highest rate taxpayer and all government are doing is reducing her tax for a period, in which she will still be the highest rate taxpayer

  7. Tim, I strongly suggest you ignore David’s advice and stick the todger in a knothole in the fence.

    Safer, and, in all probability, more pleasurable.

    On a more pleasant note, the £369M is over 10 years. No mention of that.

  8. I see that their site logo is the Gadsden flag but with the snake being strangled by an iron fist. It’s almost as if they are trying to tell us something about liberty and socialism…

  9. If 150 million corpses didn’t get the message over the fucking flag is as redundant as most of the minimum wage recipients.

  10. To echo Ecks here – the site is misnamed – if it was called ‘Memoirs of the killing fields’ it might at least give some idea of the pracital impact of these ideologies….

  11. “To be fair, I’m actually quite impressed that they reproduced your entire article before riposting to it”

    They know that none of their readers will actually read it.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I know its pointed out on here regularly, but these people really are mental.

    Do they think that if we became a socialist republic overnight socialist pixies would fly around making all the problems in Buck House disappear?

    We’d still need a head of State, either ceremonial of executive, who would need to entertain foreign dignitaries etc and as our heritage is a comparative advantage it would be stupid not to use it. Those costs and the civil list are part of the price we pay for being a State that does business with the rest of the world.

  13. Isn’t “horrid” classist? As in “You horrid little man.” It’s the sort of thing the divine Margo would say. She should have followed it with “repellent” rather than “repugnant” though, for true authenticity.

  14. Their most adored head of state died a billionaire, on an island where people queue for hours to buy basic food.

    They are cunts.

  15. Notice the difference between Tim’s text where he demonstrates he knows what the RETURN key is for, and the standard socialist underlined wall of text underneath.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    They cocked up the HTML close tag at the end of the Source, so its all one hyper link back to Tim’s original piece.

    But yes, another piece of breathless left wing prose.

  17. ‘Horrid’ is a bit rough. I mean, you are a child of Satan who sucks off possessed goats before breakfasting on human blood, but calling you ‘horrid’ is bang out of order.

  18. Let me get this straight – this idiot rips the whole Forbes piece and posts it on his site with barely a paragraph of commentary to justify tacked on at the bottom?

    Has the guy never heard of ‘fisking’?

  19. Diogenes

    “Good to see it added to the vain glory banner here”

    I hadn’t spotted that Jeremy Corbyn was also a fan – good stuff Tim!

  20. Dear Mr Worstall

    ” is a horrid man who is anti-minimum wage anti-unemployment among other repugnant things….”

    Fixed it for them. Now that’s what I call socialism.


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