Spud should be in favour of Tillerson then

Just a thought. Spudmonster insists that MOAR TAX is a good thing. Also that this is a big international question which must be dealt with.

The new Sec of State for the US looks like being Rex Tillerson. Who has been running the world’s largest taxpayer these past years, Exxon Mobil.

I look forward to Spud’s approval of the appointment.

11 thoughts on “Spud should be in favour of Tillerson then”

  1. I am no great spudologist but a keen amateur observer and I think that the prof only approves of people who agree with a proposition which he has (or claims he has) initiated, formulated or refined.

    If it’s someone else’s idea to begin with, then he won’t approve until he has ‘reworked’ or ‘improved’ it – and then only grudgingly.

    If the party then resiles from a proposition which had once received professorial approval (see previous thread on France and Country by Country Reporting), this is tantamount to apostasy and histionics ensue.

  2. The dreadful racism of us English about the Irish, no more and no less. Despite Murphy’s connection with Ireland being akin to my own (we both have the right to the passport) and Squander here is even married into the Spud community. Racism, that’s all it is.

  3. oil industry boo hiss bad pantimime villains lack of transparency boo hiss operate in third world countries boo hiss corruption nasty pollution boo hiss billions of dollars of investment boo hiss wicked pension fund dividends? tax evoiders boo hiss marginal tax rates of 90%? not enough boo hiss MOAR TAX YAY!

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    If he has been running the world’s largest tax payer, he can’t be very good at his job.

    He should take some time off, go to LA, and learn from Hollywood how to evaporate your tax obligations while remaining in the good books of the Left – a beneficiary of tax breaks even.

  5. JJ
    Spud is an old English word for potato. The Irish used to eat a lot of potatoes, so potatoes were known also as Murphys which is a comm9n Irish name. Hence…

    “The dreadful racism of us English about the Irish…”
    Except the Irish are not a race, of course…

  6. More wisdom – culled from the OED – which gives four entirely relevant and useful definitions:

    [Jocular uses of a common Irish surname.]
    †1. Murphy’s countenance: ‘a pig’s face’.
    2. Also murphy, etc. A potato.
    1811 Lex. Balatron., Murphies, potatoes. 1827 Egan Anecd. Turf 151 Mathews relished the Irish stews and murpheys with greater goût. a 1845 Hood To Henrietta vii, No, no, they have no murphies there, for supper or for lunch. 1857 Hughes Tom Brown i. vi, She bakes such stunning murphies.
    3. Murphy’s law: a name humorously given to various aphoristic expressions of the apparent perverseness and unreasonableness of things (see quots.). orig. U.S.
    4. Name given (in full, Murphy game) to a confidence trick in which the victim is duped by unfulfilled promises of money or sex, etc. So Murphy man, one who practises confidence tricks of this kind; to Murphy v. trans., to dupe, to swindle by means of such a trick. U.S. slang.

    It’s rather sad that definition 1 is deemed obsolete since it is so apposite but to compensate, to Murphy, (see definition 4) as a verb is still available to the non-pendant.

  7. I had a feeling that was where Spud came from. Since it felt like a waste of time finding out avoiding using the term sounded like a good idea.

    The Tillerson pick fails under the expert pick dilemma IMHO. As I don’t have any basis for judgement I choose to be cautiously optimistic. At least the man has the experience making international trade deals to correctly identify problems.

  8. “Except the Irish are not a race, of course…”

    You might as well say that the Human Race is not a race. The ways in which “race” is and has been used in ordinary English means that it’s perfectly legit to refer to the Irish race. Or the Bavarian race. Or lots of other examples.

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