The considered view from the Czech public bar – Yes

Now a Cuban proposal to use its trademark rum as a substitute currency could send the Caribbean nation’s Cold-War era creditors singing yo-ho-ho all the way to the bank.

The Czech Finance Ministry says Cuban authorities have proposed to pay back £222 million lent to the island by Communist Czechoslovakia in instalments of the spirit.

Not just on the grounds that more rum is better, nor even that Cuban rum is pretty good. One more factor, what some call rum around here is actually a potato vodka coloured with caramel. Many things would be an improvement upon this.

12 thoughts on “The considered view from the Czech public bar – Yes”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    What is the alcohol content of Cuban rum? Ethanol contains about two thirds of the energy petrol does per litre. But cars can run on it.

    Can they run on ethanol plus some water plus some flavours?

    After all $222 million is a lot of rum to drink.

  2. Can they run on ethanol plus some water plus some flavours?

    For about five minutes until the injectors clog.

    After all $222 million is a lot of rum to drink.

    Never met a Czech, have you.

  3. Ah, so even with the extortion of tourist dollars, payments for Cuban doctors to work in other countries, and the effective 99% taxation on cleaning staff in the Spanish-run hotels, they’re still strapped for cash.

    So are back to cold-war barter.

    That “prosperity without a price system” confrerence looks even more clownish now…

  4. HB-“I’d ask for doctors,,, thought they had them coming out of their ears.”

    If that is how they think it works they’re not very good Doctors.

  5. “a potato vodka coloured with caramel”: I can remember some arse referring to medieval Polish serfs making their potato vodka.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Cuban rum’s not very good. Nicaraguan or Guatemalan is much better. Even Centenario which they make here is better.

  7. BiCR,

    It’s just fermented sugar. It’s not like wine where a load of natural conditions come together (and even that’s overstated).

    Cuba’s real future is tourism. It’s brilliantly shaped for tourism with a very long coastline for hotels and in the middle, stick all the locals who are going to work in them. Growing and refining sugar? With all the costs of transporting it from an island? Might as well do it in Nicaragua.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    BiW: And whisky is just fermented maltose. If you cannot tell the difference between Wood’s 100, Bacardi, Ron Zacapa 23 y.o and RonRico then you may have a brain tumour and should get yourself checked out.

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