The fake news scandal

By way of proving that what is afoot is beyond the imaginings of the most dystopian fiction, a prolific source of misinformation has been identified as The Guardian, whose entrepreneurial younger residents have been hurling fake news at the world, and making serious money. And look at what we now know as “Castrogate”, which led to one of the most remarkable stories of the past half century: an armed man walking into a Latin American capital, seemingly determined to avenge capitalist exploitation supposedly run, according to an online news “story”, from DC by Uncle Sam. The next half century being populated with stories about free health care the exclusion of the oppression, poverty and mass emigration which followed.

Good to see that John Harris is telling it like it is about this fake news scandal.

4 thoughts on “The fake news scandal”

  1. I wonder how many Facebook posts refer to or depict Santa Claus?
    Would this be a reliable guide to how many believe in Father Christmas?

  2. Isn’t “fake news” just a euphemism for propaganda?

    Oh yes, from Google:


    noun: propaganda; noun: Propaganda

    1. information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

    Of all people, the Left is throwing a wobbly about propaganda. The Left! THE F-ING LEFT!!!!

    Their lack of self-awareness is truly staggering.

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