The Guardian even more wrong than normal

So the Graun needs to do less pratting around breathlessly with leaks; stop writing lies like Though there is nothing untoward about this directorship, it has not been reported before; and instead hire some competent journalists who, whilst not actually sourcing their stories to wikipedia, are at least capable of doing basic research, unlike idiots like “Luke Harding and Hannes Munzinger”.

12 thoughts on “The Guardian even more wrong than normal”

  1. ‘Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm’

    So, obviously the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton.

  2. Whilst I don’t normally agree with William Connolly, it’s nice to see he has some integrity. Which is not a phrase I expected to be typing…

    I am also trying to work out what is wrong with being involved in a company that does business in Russia (no accusations of sanction breaking have been made that I have seen)? I only ask because about 2% of my time is probably dealing with Russia, and I want to know if that disqualifies me from public office…

  3. Meanwhile, this just in from WaPo:

    ‘Most Read from The Washington Post: Congratulations, Trump. Welcome to hell.’

  4. The post makes a lot of sense from a climate scam promoter’s point of view. If you’ve been working on your marks with a deal of success, you really don’t need the SJW bubble-brains coming along & pissing all over your territory. The accusations are going to look absolute bollocks. But the marks are going to be starting to wonder what else is bollocks, in the lines they’re being fed.

  5. Bis, to be fair Connolley is about the only climate scammer who thinks that ExxonMobil have no case to answer. Everyone else thinks they are guilty as accused or falsely testified against.

  6. I think Tim Newman’s blog dealt with that story. As in Rex Tillerson’s “leaked” directorship is on his bio on Exxon’s website.

    So much for a leak.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    How f**ked up do you have to be to be taken to the wood shed by someone so f**ked up he got banned from Wikipedia for excessive leftism?

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