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Populism: the unpardonable sin of offering the populace what they appear to want rather than what they ought to.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Heh! The Guardian is fine with offering poor people lots of other people’s stuff. It doesn’t matter how crassly you appeal to the greedy and envy of the poor if you are on the Left.

    But encourage the workers to wander off the reservation and vote for someone like Trump? That is definitely forbidden.

    Myself I am going to enjoy the next eight years of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I like the focus on fake news. As if there was some nefarious plot to stop normal people voting for the Witch.

  2. it’s one of Bernard’s irregular verbs

    I listen to the concerns of the electorate
    YOU are a populist
    HE is a fascist

  3. Populist policies include protectionist trade laws and tariffs, cracking down on tax “avoidance”, taxing corporations, minimum wage laws, interfering with fair trial rights for people accused of yucky crimes…

    All sorts of things your blog rightly rails against.

  4. Populism was an 1890’s American movement of small producers, farmers complaining about being ripped off by the middlemen including the banks, hence the famous Cross of Gold speech( famous amongst some arts graduates ).

  5. In reality, modern populism is all about convincing enough people that you stand for their point of view, even when your view is ambivalent on a given topic. The reason why it works is because so many of us hate the modern political class and would rather vote for the el dodgo party than the political elite.

  6. Douglas Murray has penned a piece for today’s Daily Mail about the BBC’s use of this term:

    On a closely related note, I listened last night to the end of the Radio 4 ‘World Tonight’ programme. Some right-on arsehole whose exact name escapes me at the moment (Mark Kermode? Commode?) was listing all the luvvie musicians who had told Trump’s campaign not to play their music at his rallies, together with a roll-call of all those who’ve said they won’t play at the inauguration. In the end he suggested that Trump would be reduced to serenading himself.

    That was preceded, rather more interestingly, by a piece that featured a bod from the Washington Post, which recently started the Fake News ball rolling. The discussion concerned Pizzagate. Now I have looked into this matter, out of curiosity to find what the fuss is about, and there is some seriously weird shit* going on in Washington. As with UFO sightings, much of it can be explained away, but there remains a kernel of very disturbing facts which, were figures on the Right involved, would lead immediately to an investigation — if not by the authorities then by journalists.

    But no. Only the most absurd and easily dismissed aspects of the affair were mentioned and the rest glossed over.

    I asked myself why, if this business is self-evidently nonsense, was the BBC devoting any airtime to it at all, still less an agreement-fest between the presenter and the WaPo bloke that the internet was crawling with wackos and anything reproduced there (except, obviously, on Official Sites Approved by the Great and Good) was to be disregarded?

    And was it not odd that the Fake News meme was launched by said Great and Good just after Pizzagate started to gain traction?

    Given the BBC’s history with paedophilia, I felt it was unwise of them to be paddling in these murky waters, but then their propaganda has been becoming more and more blatant and shameless of late. Perhaps they are beginning to believe their own propaganda: perhaps they really do view everyone besides themselves as a drooling idiot not fit to make any decision at all, still less to vote for Brexit or to Drain the Swamp. The estimable and courageous Mr Murray seems to think so.

    * One of the more restrained and intelligent videos about Pizzagate:–ZXOjc

  7. @ Thomas Fuller, I’ve spent the morning digging around about this pizzagate nonsense at the behest of one of my conspiracy minded co-workers and haven’t found a shred of reasonable evidence to suggest it isn’t complete nonsense. Could you point me to these “kernel(s) of very disturbing facts…” please? In the meantime I’ll watch your video link.

  8. Ok, watched that video. If that is the restrained and intelligent story of Pizzagate then I’m convinced the whole story is utter bullshit.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I think it’s pretty unlikely that Hillary Clinton is involved in an underage sex-trafficking ring. Now Bill, on the other hand…. I see Hillary Clinton as more the black market organs or blood diamonds smuggling type. I don’t have any evidence for this, of course, but no smoke without fire, eh?

  10. Herb

    Each of us must make up his mind. The emails are what disturbed me, those and the art collection. If you’re inclined to seek out some of the FBI documentation about covert signs used by deviants (sorry I don’t have a link) you may find some of the restaurant logos curious, to say the least.

  11. Too early to say what might or might not be in Pizzagate.

    But it needs investigating.

    As in a real, old-fashioned enquiry–neither a “Democrats Dindu Nuffin” type nor a Yewtree femmi-stitchup.

  12. Thomas
    Let’s assume that the best video evidencing pizzagate should contain the most damning emails. So that makes 3 emails that are oddly phrased one of which could easily be put down to auto correct.
    Regarding the art collection, John Podesta’s brother seems to have strange taste in art. One of the artists also painted some even weirder shit that Tony Podesta doesn’t own but is brought up anyway to smear him through guilt by association. So what?
    As far as the Best Pizza logo, well, I can totally see how a pizza place that doubles as a child sex ring hangout would never expect to be caught by overtly displaying a covert Boy Love symbol in their logo. Give me a fucking break.

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