The Patriarchy, The Patriarchy!

More than 900 women were killed by men in England and Wales over a six-year period, most by their current or former partners, according to the first detailed analysis of deadly male violence against women in those countries.

Yes love, yes. No doubt something must be done. But why are you being so damn sexist about it?

The Home Office Homicide Index showed there were 518 homicides (murder, manslaughter and infanticide) in the year ending March 2015 in England and Wales. This represents a decrease of 5 offences (1%) from the 523 recorded for the previous year.

So there were, approx, 3,000 homicides over this period, of which 900 were of women by men.

In the year ending March 2015, just under two-thirds of homicide victims (64%) were male, the lowest since 1996 (64%).

The majority of victims were male.

There were differences between males and females in the pattern of relationships between victims and suspects. Women were far more likely than men to be killed by partners/ex-partners (44% of female victims compared with 6% of male victims), and men were more likely than women to be killed by friends/ acquaintances (32% of male victims compared with 8% of female victims).

Given the imbalance in sex of victims it would appear that a man has as much chance of being murdered by a friend as a woman does by a partner. Nearly 50% more likely in fact.

So where is the campaign explaining that friends don’t kill friends?

Or alternatively, fuck off you sexist old slag.

8 thoughts on “The Patriarchy, The Patriarchy!”

  1. As with so many of theses statistics, the reading is always partial (depending on the ‘political’ line to be pushed).

    Starting point:
    How many murders?
    How many victims are men/women/boys/girls?
    How many of the murderers are men/women/boys/girls?

    Ok, now do your analysis (sex on sex / social status / nationality etc.) and we will see where it stands in the reality stakes.

  2. I am all for equality.
    Therefore I advocate the murdering of more women to even the numbers out.
    Also, more women need to die in the workplace.
    Because fairness right?


  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s worth noting that that’s an astonishingly low number (too high, natch, lip service, lip service, blah blah) both by world and historical standards. It’s about 0.8 per hundred thousand, among the lowest in the world and only a shade worse than places like Singapore.

  4. If this were an American blog someone by now would be nattering at the huge numbers of murders committed by women on their unborn children. So in the interest of international amity, I just have.

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