There is hope yet!

The woman who accused Nobel laureate Sir Tim Hunt of sexism in a row which cost him his job has left her university post after claiming she was being ‘bundled out’.
Connie St Louis triggered a furore after Sir Tim made jokey remarks about women scientists when giving a toast at a scientific conference last year.
Mrs St Louis tweeted that the event was ‘utterly ruined by sexist speaker Tim Hunt’ who was ‘in favour of single sex labs’.

It sparked an outcry in which Sir Tim, 73, came under fire from some women scientists, but was also supported by high-profile names. He eventually resigned from his honorary professorship at University College London, feeling he was ‘hung out to dry’ by the college.
It has now emerged that journalism lecturer Mrs St Louis has left a different university where she had worked since 2003.

City, University of London, claimed it was by mutual agreement. But Mrs St Louis complained shortly before her departure last month that the university was trying to ‘get rid’ of her.
In a written submission to a Commons committee looking into science communication released last Wednesday she wrote: ‘In May 2016 the new head of the journalism department decided to suspend the science journalism MA. The university’s excuse was that I had not recruited enough students.
‘However, on further investigation it was later discovered that students who tried to apply were told by the university that the course was not taking any application and had closed. It’s difficult to recruit the required number of students under these circumstances.

So City will indeed screw over a particularly bad academic. Hope Lives!

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  1. Tim

    Have you seen the gems over on TRUK this morning. An attack on Mark Carney; comparison of the government’s approach to article 50 with Charles I: Also a critique of the government’s approach to the apparently 1.25 million companies which pay no tax. All in all – Christmas comes early to Ely (or is he in Peterborough yet?)

  2. Even if she’d told the truth, she’s in no position to complain about an academic losing their position at a university. Even if she were brilliant and had made major contributions to her field, she’d still be in no position to complain.

  3. How come some dozy Marxian cow can write out her personal beefs and send them to the HoC without having them filed in the bin?

  4. She was the cow who the BBC apologised on behalf of after she was caught lying about Milo on one of their chat shows. Despicable woman, I hope she is next seen cleaning the toilets in a particularly bad McDonald’s.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Let’s not forget, Connie St Louis set out to ruin a genuine academic’s reputation and career, but she herself is a big porky liar with made-up qualifications and a CV that was dodgier than the Hitler Diaries.

    I’m glad City university is finally doing the right thing, but they should’ve booted her as soon as they realised she’s a scam artist.

  6. Quite extraordinary mental contortions by Murphy in relation to the Article 50 issue. His main point being that Parliament must explicitly allow for something in legislation in order to have the constitutional law power to ensure it is done.

    Yet, practically his whole life is a crusade to allow the executive arm responsible for tax collection to arrogate to itself supreme power to determine and charge tax practically at its discretion and to treat any behaviour it dislikes as tax avoidance whether a statute provides for this or not.

  7. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Excellent news.

    To save Steve the trouble I have posted the news at Vox Day’s gaff: He gave the case space in his SJWs Always Lie.

    If you have not found it yet, I recommend SJWAL.

  8. BraveFart

    It depends on what you mean ‘extraordinary’ – if you follow the KCNA feed, these kind of leaps are not uncommon within the Curajus state. The difference being they tend to take a more robust approach to ideological justification than he does,,,, He lacks their intellectual rigour and has a failing memory so cannot recall what he wrote even the previous day which makes it easy for ‘trolls’ to point out lapses in logic…

  9. Paul, bugger me, did they? Bloody hell. I mean I know UoL has long had some outliers, but seriously, which twit, or committee of twits thought this was a good idea?

    And I speak as an alumnus of KCL, LSE and of the former Inns of Court School of Law, back then affiliated to City, now ‘City Law School’.

    Yes, I know, raze them to the ground which should then be salted. Fine. But still. Sheesh. It’s like finding out that a Gallagher brother had joined one’s club. Were I a member of a club.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    The Inimitable Steve – “I’m glad City university is finally doing the right thing, but they should’ve booted her as soon as they realised she’s a scam artist.”

    I agree but they are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Claiming this is about student numbers misses the point. They should come right out in the open and say that this woman has no place in a university and so is being sacked for cause. Take it to the Courts if need be. Gutless.

    Edward Lud – “Bloody hell. I mean I know UoL has long had some outliers, but seriously, which twit, or committee of twits thought this was a good idea?”

    Anyone find that suspicious? She disses one of UCL’s top scientists and cause them any amount of embarrassment. Whereupon City is allowed to join the Big Boy’s League, but they get rid of the woman who caused so much trouble for the people at the Top Table? Think it was a quid pro quo?

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The fact that my alma mater, Imperial, is no longer a member of London University makes me feel a bit more sanguine about Islington Poly joining.

  12. Edward, it’s one of those things that kept coming up every couple of years, only to be rejected by UoL. Somehow this time it was seen as a win win by both sides. I’ve still not quite got my head around why though, it doesn’t look like a good fit.

    SMFS it was agreed before the incident, it took a year from agreement to accession. It was her continued exposure and bad press that seems to have swung it for her.

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