There’s moving to Ireland and there’s moving to Ireland

Banks and financial institutions make up the overwhelming majority of more than 100 companies inquiring about relocating to Ireland after Brexit, the head of the agency tasked with bringing foreign investment into the republic has confirmed.

Martin Shanahan, the chief executive of the Industrial Development Agency (IDA), said many of the corporations looking to move were based in the City of London.

You need a brass plate and a gombeen in the back office to gain passporting rights….

Most of those inquiries are going to be of the “what’s the supply of gombeens like?” variety.

10 thoughts on “There’s moving to Ireland and there’s moving to Ireland”

  1. For those of us not fluent in Mick, a translation of “gombeen” would be helpful.

  2. It is (what has now become ) boilerplate Remainiac cockrot.

    The banking heroes were all going to France at one point. What happened to that? A lot of Guinness drinkers in the banking fraternity are there?

  3. Trinity Dublin has a quite magnificent library, but bankers have never struck me as a bunch of scholarly aesthetes.

  4. The Inimitable Steve

    Eirexit will happen though. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but that’s where the winds are blowing.

  5. Most of the banks have already got branches in other EU countries, haven’t they? I’m sure that they can use these to circumvent problems whilst placing the important activities out of the EU’s reach

  6. 20 odd years ago Ireland were offering deals for financial companies, large company I was doing some work with put the groups debt fscotorg through there, I think it was a couple of people in an office handling paperwork so not exactly a flood of high profile staff

  7. The inimitable Steve – do you think so? I am intrigued – and given your predictions on Brexit and Trump you’re almost Nostradaman – why would it be, though?

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