There’s really a place called Yorkey’s Knob?

Man, 77, dies six days after being bitten by a taipan in his lounge room at Yorkeys Knob

A week back I was giggling my way around a German Christmas market with friends as I tried to explain what knobbrot and knobsaus sounded like to the English to my non-native English speaking friends.

But this is better.

26 thoughts on “There’s really a place called Yorkey’s Knob?”

  1. No idea but, as your copy-and-paste shows, apparently there’s a place called Yorkeys Knob. Apostrophe’s Timmeh, apostrophe’s!

    Top tip: when chasing one of the world’s most venomous snakes with a shovel, it’s wise to wear shoes.

    But the headline beneath that is hard to beat for hyperbole: ‘The year music died’. It shoulda worn shoes.

  2. Don’t forget Brown Willy on Bodmin Moor…or Twatt in Orkney…Shitterton in Devon…Tickle Cock Bridge near Wakefield…or Nervous Knob in NZ or Arcelik Sokak in Turkey or Al Fuqaha in Saudi…

    Endless fun for children of all ages.

  3. We visited a place in Queensland called, by the locals, Byoo Khan’s Point. I’ll let you guess what it was called on the map.

  4. Reluctant commentator

    I once had a fit of hysterical alcohol-fuelled laughter in Heidelberg after seeing a board outside a kebab shop advertising doners ‘mit knobsaus’, especially as the substance does rather appear like a copious discharge of semen. Mind you, there’s at least one chain of hamburger restaurants in the UK where allegedly you can get the real stuff.

  5. Endless fun for children of all ages.

    Don’t forget all the various Gropecunt Lane’s dotted about the country; unfortunately diminishing thanks to ignorant cunts that don’t appreciate the significance of local history on the culture.

  6. BiW

    Indeed. And let’s not forget Slutshole Lane in Attleborough, Norfolk.

    Or the village in France called Anus.

  7. I lived a short distance from Pratts Bottom in Kent.

    And, apparently, there is Wan King Path in Hong Kong…..!

  8. Gropecunt Lane

    That rather sounds like a fitting street address for the President-Elect of these United States, does it not?

  9. There’s a whole suburb called Cockburn in Perth. The main shopping centre is called “Cockburn Gateway”.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    There’s also a Shitterton here, next to Bere Regis. The village sign has been stolen so many times it’s now an effing big stone.

    Which also reminds me that Bere Regis has a street sign which reads: “Church Lane (leading to church)”, which always makes me smile when I drive past.

  11. And for a nautical theme, it was surely just coincidence that when an old Insect-class river gunboat was adapted to be an accommodation ship for Wrens, the most suitable vessel was HMS Cockchafer…

  12. Richard and BiND
    Apologies, Shitterton is in Dorset, as you say. I plead an exceptional South African merlot….

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