They will be sharing it all with the workers, won’t they?

Spain’s Socialist party may have lost two general elections in the space of six months, ousted their leader and found themselves eclipsed by the anti-austerity Podemos party, but the past 12 months have not been without at least one small victory.

On Thursday, the Spanish Socialist party (PSOE) announced that staff at its Madrid headquarters had won a share of the country’s €2.3bn (£1.96bn) Christmas lottery, El Gordo (the Fat One).

If not why not?

12 thoughts on “They will be sharing it all with the workers, won’t they?”

  1. Not tax free. After a very low limit, the taxman takes 20% before you get to sniff it.

    The Gordo is a favourite because it sprays an enormous amount of money far and wide. Lots of €50 to €50,000 level prizes. The biggest prizes are quite low ‘cos each €200 ticket is in ten sections (décimos) and people tend to buy décimos and swap with others. Top prize €400,000 for a décimo.

    Last night was horrible. The news sent all the time available panning round the country watching people celebrating.

    I won €1 last week on the Primitivo. Bugger all yesterday.

    The PSOE thing has pissed people off because they all chipped in for the office tickets and the lottery seller threw in a few extras from a different number and the manager and his favourites shared them out, leaving the rest out. And that was the number that came up.

    True socialist solidarity!

  2. I can recommend some tremendous investment opportunities for their well earned prize. In fact, they recommend these investments themselves. Alternative energy, for example, or building a new local school.

    All of these are tremendous investments for the State to make, possibly by using people’s pension savings, so why should these lucky people miss out on what is the investment of a lifetime?

  3. “Gamecock

    The lottery: a tax on the mathmatically challenged.”


    I play 1 ticket every Saturday in the Lotto, not because I think I might win but because the £2 a week is a reasonable price for me to take comfort in the delusion that I might win.

  4. Thought the main idea of these work based lottery syndicates was not the possibility of the money but the chance of sticking it to your boss when you all resign en mass.

  5. I’ve got a €3 ticket in the Friday lottery for the blind.

    €9,000,000 for the winner.

    If I win, I will not be telling you 🙂

    The odds are so long you could say, Yes I am arithmetically challenged

  6. It’s only mathematically illiterate (said the actuary) if you calculate.purely on the numbers without considering the personal costs and benefits. A few million may no longer be enough to change your lifestyle, but a 9-digit win on Euromillions definitely would. Whereas the cost of a ticket makes no practical difference to me at all.

    It used to be that a double Camelot rollover resulted in an expected payout that exceeded the price of a ticket. No longer 🙁

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