They’re going weak on Brexit, the bastards

But The UK Doesn’t Want Customs Union Or Single Market Membership Post-Brexit

12 thoughts on “They’re going weak on Brexit, the bastards”


    North claims that there is all manner of treaty based bullshit that we can’t just ditch.

    North and for sure political scum –for what greater statists are there likely to be than those at the heart of the state–believe these “obligations” as signed to by UK political vermin can’t be ignored and that some form of payment was always on the cards.

    There is chapter and verse on his website beyond reading in less than several days. Along with endless shite about what a clever, grown-up fellow he is compared to almost everybody else save those 99% in agreement with him.

    It seems no more than the kind of shite that would always be there for political scum rather than a full-on Brexit sell-out.

    If Trump was PM it might well be different. With a waste of space like May….

  2. A sudden and total exit from the EU (single market, blah) will cause short term economic chaos, with a lot of very bad headlines. Exactly the combination that short term politicians are terrified of.

    Of course they’re going soft – if they have any intention of going at all.

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    Yarp. And pretty sad that we’ve got to hope the bloody EU will explain the facts of life to our spineless, useless, dickless fluther of soapy-soft titwank conservatives.

    Because they’re still not listening to the people who pay their wages. Incredible. After Brexit and Trump, they still don’t get it.

  4. How about I don’t want any Bulgarian* politicians having a vote on anything that affect the UK? That seems like the elephant in the room to me. I’d rather forgo the union.

    *Not Bulgarians specifically but euros in general and Bulgarians seem to be the worst of the bunch.

  5. The question’s going to be; what produces the most secure sinecures for apparatchiks, isn’t it?

  6. Surely paying foreign governments for access to their markets is bribery and we have well-publicised laws against that sort of thing. The directors of Mondial Defence Systems were sent to jail for it.

  7. I’ve been reading a little about the Customs Unions and if I’ve read it right then non-EU Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Turkey are in, but have no say in the rates that are set.
    How could Turkey, which is the biggest of those, have agreed to have no place on the committees that set the external tariff? It makes no sense.
    We’ve read about accountability being remote with EU institutions, but for Turkish citizens it is simply non-existent. Naturally a bung is involved, but it goes to the government, not the citizens.

  8. But what ultimately is the difference between paying tariffs and market access other than one being a lump sum payment, and surely the question should be if there’s not a discount in paying the lump sum for market access to the country as a whole then why not just pay tariffs and let exporters claim them back under U.K. Tax etc.

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  10. Who going shift on Brexit?

    Half the people don’t want it, half do, and the politicians responsible for negotiating it won’t tell you what they want!

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