Think I met this bloke once

Stalin’s grandson, who blasted Vladimir Putin as ‘brainless’ while defending his own murderous grandfather has been found dead in a Moscow street.
Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, 80, son of the tyrant’s eldest child Yakov, was found close to his Moscow home.

12 thoughts on “Think I met this bloke once”

  1. One less bastard in the world.

    He can now join Grandad in harmonic screaming classes. For such an exalted level of evildoer possibly conducted by Satan himself. I bet the Red Flag is a particular favourite.

  2. I never met him Tim, not once, ever, wouldn’t recognise him if he was lying dead in the street. And if Putin’s goons are reading; that’s NEVER.

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    He sent his own elder son Jacob, 43, to be educated at the Glasgow School of Art.

    He’s actually not bad. Abstract modernist (is this stuff still modern?), but not ugly.

  4. Sorry TIS but pink blancmange landscape portraits don’t cut it art-wise.

    A nice heroic canvas of Britannia stamping the Socialist Trolls head to a puddle would be much better.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    Mr Ecks – I’d put that on my wall, next to the Green Lady.

    But regarding Stalin Jr’s art, my views are similar to Mr Burns’:

    You know, I’m no art critic, but I know what I hate. And… I don’t hate this.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “Sorry TIS but pink blancmange landscape portraits don’t cut it art-wise.”

    If we are going to go with Communist mass murderers and art, I think you can’t go much wrong listening to Krushchev on Art.

  7. Ecks, you’ve cracked it. Pink blancmange landscapes could be the new art form that the world is waiting for. And we’d no longer get stories of the cleaners chucking out the artworks because they confused them with junk. We’d now get stories of the cleaners eating the artworks because they confused them with pud.

  8. He was 80 so there’s every possibility that it was natural causes. He didn’t have the power to threaten or even inconvenience Putin so it’s unlikely that Putin would have seen any reason to have him killed.

    But sensationalist media coverage that links Putin to anything bad ever happening to any of his critics only serves to boost his reputation as a fearsome ruler that nobody can defy without terrible consequences. They do it to turn a mundane event into a sensational story, but in the process they end up creating propaganda for Putin. If we had a serious news media that took its responsibilities seriously they would actually care about that.

  9. In “Joey–The Autobiography of a Killer” there is a similar situation.

    The titular hitman notes how the 60s series “The Untouchables” convinced everybody and his brother that any one who crossed the mob in the slightest degree would be killed. He would go out to collect pathetically small debts only to be met by begging, sobbing debtors , on their knees and pleading not to be killed for a $100 dollar debt.

    Putin is being boosted to a ridiculous Jimmy Saville degree in which a radio-active polonium meal is waiting for any perisher issuing the slightest whisper against the Bare-chested Chump.

  10. He’s always struck me as bit camp, Putin. But his regime seems to be intelligent, rational, cautious, and careful to boost Mr Putin’s interests.

    Whereas the regime in the White house has been unintelligent, irrational, reckless, and careful to boost Mr Putin’s interests.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Anyone checked his blood alcohol level? At that age it could be anything. He was not young.

    But given he is Russian, you can’t help think that he probably passed out in the gutter and froze to death.

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