This will be interesting

Scotland will publish proposals this week for how it can remain in the European single market after Britain leaves the European Union in order to avoid the “national disaster” of a “hard Brexit”, the Scottish government said on Sunday.

Presumably this plan will start by entirely ignoring absolutely everything all Europeans have said or written upon the subject?

23 thoughts on “This will be interesting”

  1. The scots have long grown used to the idea that they can push Westminster around by bitching and moaning incessantly, and seem to presume they can do the same to the EU…

    Good luck to them!

  2. One of the Stupid Nationalists Pricks’ more flagrant elisions of “Scotland” and “the Scottish [so-called] government.”

  3. Perhaps its a ruse – the Single Market they have in mind is the one that 90% of Scottish exports currently go to – the United Kingdom Single Market?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    It’s nowt to do with economics. Claiming to want access to the Single Market has become a Shibboleth.

    In England it signals metropolitan elite. For the SNP it signals anti-English.

  5. It is the Westmoron’s own fault for not buckling the Fish-Faced Hag and her gang long before now.

    Tell the Gnats that dealing with the E-Spew is outside their jurisdiction and they will shut their gobs and do as they are told.

    Were I PM I would have had a quiet word with the cow months ago to say ” Look I’m having a private word so you and your pack of cunts can save some face. You drop all your Stasi shit about football chanting and a named commissar for every Jock kid. Say you have decided these measures are impractical or some other political cockrot and quietly drop them forever along any idea of trying out any such shite again. Or we will very publically tell you to drop them and stop your money in the full glare of publicity until you do. That will show just what a powerless talking shop you shithouse clerks really are”.

    That would have transformed Scotland’s ZaNu re-tread/repackage ( for that is what the Gnat’s are when you get down to it ) into a bunch of broke-dicks and quelled their public attempts at disruption. Of couse the whispered flow of behind-the-scenes hatred would have reached cosmic levels–but who cares?

    Small chance of that with the BluLabour Camoron tribute group now busking In and around the Westminster Public Toilet.

  6. IMO, Ecksy, what you suggest is exactly what Sturgeon wants the PM to do. It would play right into their hands.

  7. Poor old Nats. This strategyis predicated on there being sufficient anglophobe sentiment among the 27 and the Eurocracy for allowing the Scots a special arrangement.

    There isn’t, but even if there were, the notion that the EU would encourage anything which had even a scintilla of a touch of a whiff of schism about it is ridiculous.

    So while Messrs Juncker, Barnier, Verhofstadt and others might shed a silent, hot salty tear on Next Tuesday’s proposals from North Britain, that’s as far as it will go. Elsewhere (incl. here, no doubt) there will be much mirth and ribald laughter.

  8. TMB
    Quite so. And Spain, ever fearful of its own regional independence movements, would veto any such deal for Sco’land. Italy and France would probably do likewise and for the same reason.

  9. Theo–You might be right. But I somehow can’t see the mass of Scots taking up arms on behalf of the state’s right to massively interfere in their family life. To me it seems the ideal issue to front and back down the Gnats on. Yes–one third (+?) of Scots seem to be Gnat/ZaNu fanatics who will put up with anything to get at the English or Fatcher or whatever the Hell is eating them. But if the mass of Scots were so inclined they would have voted to go when they had the chance.

  10. Classic left wing thinking. A is completely dependent on B, therefore A has the upper hand. And we fall for it every fucking time. Call time on the useless drinkers.

  11. It would require a border from the River Tyne to the Solway Firth with Customs and Immigration posts.

    The foundations are already in place these 2 000 years.

    A step in the next direction; then full independence for England.

    Does the Team Think anyone in ‘Government’ actually knows what a Single Market is (the EU is not, albeit it claims to be) is or a Customs Union (which the EU is)?

  12. John B

    You’re showing your ignorance. The Scottish border has nothing to do with the Tyne. It’s Northumberland all the way up to the bloody Tweed at Berwick.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    When it comes to international affairs, the DPWs have roughly the same competence as Bassetlaw District Council. It is rather amusing watching Lego Heid strut about playing grown-ups, like a toddler wearing Mummy’s shoes and lipstick smeared all over herself.

  14. Mony: It might be worth losing that bit of Northumberland just to get shot of the whingers (sorry Berwick).

  15. I still say England and Wales should secede from the UK. With one bound England and Wales are out of the EU, but Scotland and NI remain in. England and Wales no longer have to pay for Scotland and NI (sorry, that should be Scotland and NI no longer have to live under the thumb of the Evil Tory Scum™). Everyone wins.

    Well actually England and Wales win, but Scotland and NI can’t complain as they will be getting what they (say they) want, so will have to descend into poverty with smiles on their faces.

  16. Surely everything the Scots want from being in the EU they can legislate for themselves. Want high import tarifs – impose high import tarrifs. Want to allow anybody to enter your country, allow anybody to enter your country. Want the same employment regulatations as the EU – impose the same employment regulations as the EU. Being out of the EU means being able to freely chose what laws and regulations to enact – which naturally includes freely chosing to enact exactly the same laws and regulations as somebody else if you so chose.

    There’s this bizare belief among Remainers that not being forced to do something means not being able to chose to do that exact same something.

  17. “There’s this bizare belief among Remainers that not being forced to do something means not being able to chose to do that exact same something.”

    That’s because they know the things the EU has imposed on the UK would never have got past the British electorate. It’s not that they couldn’t do those things without the EU, it’s that the voters would never have allowed it to happen.

    The whole point of the EU Is to impose lefty dogma across Europe, over the will of the people.

  18. I know this question has been asked several times, but how can you simultaneously want Devo Max and for ever increasing powers to be handed over to Brussels?

    Panic over economic disaster aside, the Scots would have much more power in a U.K. outside the EU than they would as a small state within the EU in their own right, even if that were on the table.

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