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We must congratulate the Resolution Foundation for their startling findings about agency workers. They are reaching for the smelling salts in that most maiden auntish manner because they have discovered that there may soon be as many as one million people working in that way.

I, on the other hand, think their findings are marvellous news, especially when you see who is actually taking this work.

It is the young and uneducated. One in five agency workers is under 24 and one in four has only studied to GCSE level or below. So why all the complaining?

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  1. When I was just out of education, with no experience or references beyond bar work, it was temp work that got me started. The first rung on the ladder that proved I could hold down a job.

    I was also crap at interviews back then so really needed someone to just take a low-risk punt at employing me, because if I didn’t pan out they could just let me go.

    I would have been up shit creak without it.

    Thank goodness the minimum wage was low enough back then too.

  2. I did agency work for a few years, got a permanent job out of it in the end. A chunk of the time I was higher paid than the permanent staff I was working with – as in take home pay.

    My wife has done agency work multiple times, twice leading to full time work. A couple of weeks back she entered the labour market again, took 20 minutes to find an agency job after parking up in town. She now works 4 nights a week and is loving it – possibility of permanence but she may stick with the agency. Not as if there’s a shortage of light industrial work shifting parcels in the midlands.

  3. It’s not *just* the ill-educated – both sons have done agency work since graduating – #1 son got decent pay while it lasted from an unscrupulous firm getting a deal from a big bank to cover a temporary rise in workload without having to pay redundancy costs when it ended and he subsequently moved into a “permanent” job; #2 son is doing it to help disabled students because he has genuine idealism that he hasn’t grown out of.
    Secondly. Are we really in a situation where *more than three-quarters* of the population have got ‘A’ levels? In my youth that would have been impossible because ‘A’ levels demanded IQs above 100 (actually well above 100).

  4. I don’t really see what point TW is making so I can’t argue with that, but I do take issue wthi his maths. when you see who is actually taking this work.

    Four out of five agency workers are over 24 and three out of four have studied beyond GCSE level – but it is the young and uneducated who are actually taking this work? Ummm …

  5. Spiro Ozer: “Four out of five agency workers are over 24 and three out of four have studied beyond GCSE level…”

    i.e. 4/5 of ’em are NOT young = “old” and 3/4 of ’em are educated. You have a point I think.

    So, “It is the young and uneducated” is wrong!

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