Timmy elsewhere

So, sometimes that sending off of pitches works:

Our lost decade is nothing to worry about

5 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. We really get full value for the £874,000 we pay Mr Carney, don’t we. He is like the central bankers’ equivalent of George Monbiot.

  2. Carney resembles a Church of England Archbishop – expresses a lot of concern for the worst off workers, but is a little out of touch personally with the workers at the bottom and those earning just enough not to get a hand out.
    If he were more in touch he’d comment on some of those 3 adult households working 24 hours a week combined ( ‘cos it maximises the benefits package ) and those who have more than doubled their incomes by coming here from the East.

  3. Isn’t everyone out of touch with the people they never come into contact with and are not like them?
    I’m out of touch with boat captains around here, I’m also out of touch with senior civil servants.

  4. Going on some of the bilge Carney was spouting in the run up to the referendum he seems somewhat out of touch with the UK economy. Not exactly something one would hope for in a GoBoE. Either he was monumentally stupid or he was lying. Either way he should get the bullet. Ideally, not figuratively.

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