Today’s piece of idiocy

Yes, the twat said that to someone who has been working as a freelance for a decade.

5 thoughts on “Today’s piece of idiocy”

  1. He should change his handle to “London talking leftist shite”.

    Give himself some class to go with the class warfare.

  2. Tim, you don’t understand, your a freelance or a temp or a contractor or even self employed. That’s not the “gig” economy, “gig” is for the kool hipster generation. They don’t write articles, they curate words and ideas. They are not an unemployed temp, they are between “gigs”.

    Look at the cycle take-a-way food delivery riders, they are “gigging”. When I was a lad they would have been Granville the “delivery boy” from Open All Hours and not hipsters.

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