Trump is having fun, isn’t he?

Choosing an honest to goodness proper and decent general (and not a desk jockey) as his Sec Def. And now a fast food boss, Andy Puzder, as Sec Labor? Someone who has openly and vocally opposed minimum wage rises, overtime rules and all that? Education to a vouchers and charter schools enthusiast? and that EPA pick seems inspired.

They’re all going to have horrible problems navigating their most unwelcoming bureaucracies. But he’s not exactly going for maintaining the status quo, is he?

So, err, ‘ere we go and here we go and here we go…..

You awright?

7 thoughts on “Trump is having fun, isn’t he?”

  1. It sounds like he’s approaching it on the basis of a hostile takeover of Washington. Promising.

    Still no Milo for spokesman, though …

  2. I like the WWE pick. The snobs are having conniptions over that one, and don’t seem to realise (as ever) that they’re letting their snobbery show.

    “I don’t even have the words. This is a JOKE. He’s picked a woman who’s had a successful career building an extremely successful entertainment empire out of a hobby that I FIND CRASS! Have you SEEN the people in those audiences?”

  3. My biggest problem with Pudzer relates to the fact the that the food quality at Hardee’s really went downhill after Carl’s Jr took them over.

    To be fair I really don’t know if he had anything to do with it or if that was actually what happened. Out of boredom I did a search years ago to figure out why it wasn’t worth going to Hardee’s for biscuits and gravy any more. What the internet said was good enough for me because it wasn’t a really important item in my life.

  4. Great to see his picks are people who’ve been there, done that. As for recalcitrant bureaucracies, he’ll need an Enforcer. Pity Frank Nitti is long gone…

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Obama picked very young people who, by and large, did not have a clue how to do their job.

    Trump has sent the work experience children home and replaced them with professionals who have actually done a day’s work in their lives.

    Markets are reacting accordingly.

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