Well done Spud, well done

I have, for example, no idea how or when politicians get time to think because their schedules are always too packed for them to ever have the chance to do so. That’s good explanation for why they are so event obsessed and so often way behind where the public are on issues of importance.

That from the man who wants the unthinking to have ever more power over our lives.

10 thoughts on “Well done Spud, well done”

  1. One reason why more power devolved to local councils could be a good idea. Central government has too power for anyone to run well.

  2. Almighty, munificent God!

    Grant me the strength over the festive period to refrain from reading the inane rantings of the odious Richard Murphy

  3. The solution is to unpack their schedules.

    Ex-ministers, such as the late Alan Clark have written extensively about this.

    The Civil Service aim to keep ministers so “busy” that they’re unable to get anything done. New Labour played into their hands by making government 24/7, apparatchiks scanning the news, rapid rebuttal units on red alert, etc.

    In fact normal people would be happy to hear from the government about once or twice a month, outside of emergencies. And of course, normal people don’t know who most of these people are anyway.

  4. “The Civil Service aim to keep ministers so “busy” that they’re unable to get anything done”

    Yes, if Spud had read or watched Yes, Minister he would have known that. Anyway, given the atrocious ideas they come up with do we really want them thinking more?

  5. Part-time legislatures, such as the one that Texas has (it meets every 2 years for no longer than 140 days) are a good idea, not least because they ensure that the lawmakers have to have a real job and thus have to deal with the consequences of the laws that they pass.

    But of course the spudmonster would be totally opposed to such an arrangement.

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