Well, isn’t this a damning observation

And although Wilders denies being a racist, his rise has coincided with a disturbing increase in hate crimes, data from the Anne Frank museum’s annual report shows.

Inequality increased while Ed Miliband was Leader of the Opposition. But Ed denies supporting an increase in inequality.

14 thoughts on “Well, isn’t this a damning observation”

  1. “Inequality increased while Ed Miliband was Leader of the Opposition.”

    That’s because we didn’t all get the owl we were promised… 🙁

  2. “Geert Wilders has held on to his supporters in the Netherlands, despite a discrimination conviction”

    Actually, it’s closer to “because of”. Trying to silence people who insult others is only going to galvanise support for them, and with bloody good reason. Who are the fascists here? Wilders, or the court?

  3. ““One of the troubling things about Wilders since 2012 is that he has slowly become more marginalised,”
    Yet, topping the polls for a democratic election.
    That must be a whole new meaning to the word “marginalised” then.

  4. To be strictly accurate, Julia, it was brother David who was the owl magnet. Ed was reportedly undecided on the bird.

  5. Socialist mouthpiece speaks of guilt.

    Yet expresses none for millions of murders done by their own creed.

    The sooner the Gladrag is gone the better.

  6. It didn’t exactly help Wilders’ persecutors that the day the kangaroo court rendered its judgement the Dutch rozzers nicked a Moroccan who was planning a bit of ISIS-inspired malarkey. Bad optics, as they say.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Hate crimes have risen as Obama has been in power. He probably did mean to do that. He certainly did not care about the terrorist attacks.

    The point is not whether Wilders is a racist or not. The point is that the Dutch authorities have no moral standing to judge anyone for anything. Whether or not he is a racist, and by all means let’s accept he is, he is not the enemy. The Dutch state and the ruling parties are.

  8. She had it in her hands with this – ‘“In March, we must vote and, in the past, whoever we choose, every time it is the same, and so we will vote for Mr Wilders.”’ but she decided to stick with the agenda, ‘his rise has coincided with a disturbing increase in hate crimes’.

    She doesn’t mention that since 2010 the muslim population in Holland has risen by 60%

  9. ‘Hate crime’ figures released by partisan think-tanks are completely untrustworthy. About as trustworthy as reports from the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

  10. Mr Wilders has to have 24 hour a day Police protection, his mail is inspected by the bomb squad and yet he is the one in the dock.

    MOAR diversity!

  11. Political prosecutions of people leading what is likely to be the largest party in parliament at the next elections.

    Remainers – this is the place you want Britain to be at the heart of.

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Rob – “Remainers – this is the place you want Britain to be at the heart of.”

    Well yes. Isn’t it obvious they do not object to this sort of thing?

  13. The hate crime stars are ludicrous they included somebody told me they heard somebody say something else and nonsense like that.
    As absurd as the case where at an conference in Canada a reference was made to someone who is French speaking and known for odd translations and the story was the time he said he sampled women instead of surveyed. Apparently 28 out of 780 people found this sexist and offensive and left and apologies have had to be issued

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