We’ve a name for this you know

Wake up an hour earlier each morning
I decided to start waking up an hour earlier every morning – 5.30am instead of 6.30am. I now start my day by doing a few sun salutations, followed by a prayer (which I use to be thankful rather than asking for anything), and then write in my journal. This change has helped me keep in touch with myself and my emotions.

Kelly, Indianapolis

Portion of the rosary and scribble in the diary. It’s hardly new this religious observance thing, is it?

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  1. From the same article
    8 Unicycle

    I started unicycling with the rest of my family about 12 years ago, but every week it felt like I was starting all over again, while others progressed. About a year ago I saw a physio about an unrelated pain and he noted that I had poor abdominal muscle tone. I started doing the exercises he gave me and noticed my unicycling was improving. Over the year I have finally learned to mount the unicycle. I also had the confidence to take part in a freestyle routine at the national championships and am now unicycling to work and back once a week. I am still not brilliant, but I am so happy to be able to do this and to see definite improvement.

    Keep Death off the Roads !

  2. Difference is, prayer used to be to a God that existed separately from us (and created us), was greater than us, and imposed specific obligations of behaviour (positive and negative) on us.

    This crap is about me, me, me (even when the wider world get’s a mention, it’s still about my place in nature).

  3. Sun Salutations. The name is hippy bollox, but it is a yoga routine. Good for flexibility in the body,

    Up Dog. Down Dog. Defecating Dog.

    Apparently western people doing yoga is offensive to an Indian Monk who lived in 1426, so the PC Goonloons will be coming for Yogi and Booboo next.

  4. I started unicycling with the rest of my family about 12 years ago…About a year ago I saw a physio about an unrelated pain

    Unrelated pain. Uh-huh. I’ve been to see physios about pain “unrelated” to my lifestyle/activities, and they’ve usually said “Yeah? We’ll see about that.”

  5. Every night I set the alarm for 04:30. If the snowplough has been through, I get up and spend an hour imbibing tea (a litre of Loolacondera BOPF, thank you for asking) before going out to spend 2 hours fighting snow. Otherwise I go back to bed until tea-O’clock at 7:30.


    Any thoughts on Obama’s legacy? Two turds left under the Christmas tree?

  6. Journalling in the morning, just seems strange.

    Writing anything down is a bad idea. It just creates what we like to call ‘evidence’.

    Oops, that includes this comment!

  7. Ah, you’re all just old(er) and cynical, especially wiggia (unicynical?).

    Superficially, it may just be a typical non-news filler, collectively another pro-health nudge, with but all the people quoted therein have found something, any single thing, and used it to improve the quality of THEIR life.

    Mine’s different. Each of yours are different, not least because the one individualised thing we could each do won’t be used for virtue signalling or filling column inches. So find your own thing to do, and improve yourself.

    This year I’m going to drink less alcohol. I’ve been saying that for a long time, usually meaning “less than next year”, but I think it’s now reached the point where that’s impractical. Better to greatly reduce the quantity, and increase the quality.

  8. Oh well, Obama didn’t actually launch a war against Russia. (Though he still has three weeks.) McCain probably would have.

  9. Matins – starting at midnight – then every three hours: Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline – the Roman Breviary since the 5th Century.

  10. @MattW,

    I linked a snowflake-written article flustering over whether yoga might be cultural appropriation some months ago. And that snowflakes might have to give it up to not be racist.

    For sure, Poe’s law applies, but it looked genuine enough.

    Back before digital I got a vegan to stop going to the cinema because of what they made film stock out of (I was a photographer in a previous life, so knew of what I spoke). I hope they are still boycotting on the grounds that not all of the actors and producers are vegan.

  11. JuliaM

    ‘Keep in touch with myself and my emotions’..? Good grief!

    This is where liberal individualism and libertarianism end up when they lose contact with the insights of conservatism – a world in which autonomous selves have no higher purpose than expressing their emotions and pursuing egocentric programmes of personal development.

  12. @Theo,

    Conservatism is just the non-leftist version of “ve know vat is good vor you. And ve vill make you do it. And you Vill love it!”.

  13. The people who go in for this sort of shit are as individualist as ants.

    Hardly, BiS, as it’s all about ‘me, Me, ME’ with these people. What can be more individualistic than devoting your life to expressing one’s emotions and pursuing egocentric programmes of personal development? Sure, they don’t like capitalism, and they like the state in so far as it ‘liberates’ them from the ‘tyranny’ of community, institutions and Burke’s “little platoons”. These people are where libertarians and liberal individualists end up when they no longer understand their roots in right-wing and conservative thought.

    Conservatism is just the non-leftist version of “ve know vat is good vor you. And ve vill make you do it. And you Vill love it!”.

    BiG: The fundamental insight of conservatism is that individuals need institutions to thrive – crucially, the family but also voluntary associations (school, team, church, club etc). Once libertarians and individualists lose sight of that they slip into decadence. Paternalism and authoritarianism are in the conservative mix, too; but libertarians can discard those with impunity.

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    Justin – “This year I’m going to drink less alcohol.”

    You drink more than six units a day?

    dearieme – “I’m trying to think of a male equivalent to “nubile”.”


    Daedalus – “That’s not going to work well with my gout!!! I can feel my big toes reacting already.”

    I thought gout had been cured? Hasn’t it disappeared? You never really hear people talking about it any more.

  15. @Theo,

    Plenty of liberals have families and some even go to church. If more of them practise yoga than do conservatives, in what way is that not a voluntary association?

    Practising yoga is so much better than practising foga.

  16. It just occurs to me, as a poster-child “decadent” “liberal” that every year I give about 20 working days worth of free time to my voluntary association/institution of choice.

    It’s active time, that produces real value for other people. Teaching, management, and executivey stuff. Not the kneeling in a pew or tin-rattling at the WI bake-off that conservatives would have me doing so as to preserve their institutions.

  17. @SMFS

    You drink more than six units a day?

    When I’m drinking, yes, and might do this for many days in succession, but equally I have no problem going without for weeks at a time. I drink because I enjoy it, but I need to cut right down as it’s not compatible with losing weight.

  18. BiG
    Of course, some liberals and individualists are relatively normal, have families and join voluntary associations. I am talking about those who cut loose from all that. Read what I wrote…

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