Bit odd really

We need to be more frank about the afflictions faced by the elderly, according to actress Miriam Margolyes.
The 75-year-old Cambridge-educated comedienne believes the physical challenges of getting older are rarely discussed.
In fact, she said there was a conspiracy of silence about the elderly.

‘Nobody tells you that old age is going to be sh***y,’ she said in an interview. ‘It’s a kind of conspiracy.’

Literature is just absolutely packed with the miseries of age. Given that Margolyes has done some Shakespeare I assume she’s familiar with Lear?

22 thoughts on “Bit odd really”

  1. Confused Old Misfit

    Some one should ask the silly woman what she has done with the last 75 years of her life.
    As an actress she should have been a student of the human condition in all its forms and stages. (As was WS).

  2. “‘I have to be near a toilet because if I cough or sneeze, I can p*** myself. I think it’s common among people my age, but nobody ever talks about it. I’ve got to talk about it. It’s on my mind.’”

    And now it’s on the mind of everyone who watches her performance.

  3. “As you get older, the NHS has become more important to you – it becomes crucial.”

    That’s the point of the NHS: we pay in for most of our lives but rarely use the service, and then when we are old and parts begin to fail, we call collect.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Yeah, growing old is shit. The reason we don’t talk about it because we know we’ve been lucky and not growing old is even worse.

    And we really don’t want to listen to her complaints because we’ve got plenty of our own.

    Count your blessings, stiff upper lip and all that.

  5. Nor is pissing herself an automatic given of old age. Some unfortunates have had operations etc but most incontinence owes as much to avoidably weak pelvic muscles as to age problems.

  6. It is necessary to RAISE AWARENESS of an actress who hasn’t been famous for a bit and fancies a bit of publicity.

    Anyway, next week another “whohe?” actor will be interviewed condemning the portrayal of the elderly as frail, and everyone will say “hear hear” or “quite right”, not quite remembering what they all said this week.

  7. “That’s the point of the NHS: we pay in for most of our lives but rarely use the service, and then when we are old and parts begin to fail, we call collect.”

    And get treated like shit.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    If the Baby Boomers (b. 1941 so close enough) were slightly interested in anyone else but themselves, they may have noticed this before.

    It tells you a lot about her relationship with her mother, aunts and grandmother.

  9. These geniuses who presume to know everything and loudly tell us about it all the time… and yet they didn’t know that when you get old your body starts to fall apart.

    Basically, another Cambridge Communist who hasn’t a clue about the real world.

  10. > Literature is just absolutely packed with the miseries of age

    Who reads literature these days? If it’s longer than 140 characters, TL;DR.

  11. Cal, with respect, Miriam Margolyes’s body has been falling apart for at least 40 years. The sad thing might be that she has only now begun to realise it

  12. If Miriam thinks nobody discusses incontinence, then she can’t be watching much TV. There seem to be unlimited adverts for incontinence products (for that ‘Ooops moment’ … meaning I just pissed myself), menstrual products for Royalty (they collect blue blood) and all sorts of medication to stick up your vagina for both real and imaginary complaints. And if that isn’t enough, it’s only women that get constipated, the symptoms of which are feeling like an overstuffed handbag. In my experience, guys aren’t that interested on whether you had a crap before going to work, and no matter how foul the vagina, they don’t find it off putting when they are full of lust.

    There, that’s fucked several industries!

    PS. On second thoughts, the Ooops sisterhood aren’t usually geriatric, so maybe Miriam is right.

  13. Philip Scott Thomas

    Some years ago Miriam Margolyes was being interviewed on, I think, Radio 4. She said she’d been hit with a triple whammy, being short, Jewish and a lesbian. I believe we can add to that list a fourth whammy: “a lack of filters”.

  14. Incontinence is not invariable among all older people – she is painting her own problem (possibly due to her past lifestyle) on all old people. A 70-year-old racing for a dozen hours without a loo-break does not require a comment but a self-indulgent actress needs to be within two minutes of a loo at all times.

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