Don’t think so really,

While FTSE 100 CEOs take home 130 times more than their staff

They might be paid that much more but they don’t take home that much more.

We do have a progressive tax system after all.

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  1. and how many of them are immigrants – coming over here taking over our global corporations leadership positions.

  2. Average gross pay is around £25K, take home pay (including company pension contributions/other benefits) is probably around £20K.

    130 * £20K = £2.6M

    Average gross FT100 CEO pay is around £5.5M so I can see a take home pay of £2.6M (including company pension contributions/other benefits) as being possible.

    Surely the Government should be encouraging more people to be top CEO’s as they are making £3M per year off the poor saps as opposed to only £5K from ordinary working stiffs.

  3. ‘A genuinely shared society – one that respects “the responsibilities we have to each other,” as May said this week – would not accept a situation in which more than a million citizens need to turn to charity to be able to eat.’

    So they are being fed.


  4. One thing the left and many others don’t understand (because they aren’t in industry and are still stuck in industry looking like the 1970s) is how much businesses are about decisions at the top rather than the workforce capacity now. In the old days the success of a company was a great deal about the army of workers.

    Take banking and retail. At one time, if you were a branch manager, you really ran that branch. You decided the loans people got, where stock was arranged in the store, and had a lot of power. You had to get paid well to get good, smart people. Today, that’s all centralised. A huge amount rests on the board and what decisions they make and the people at head office. Branch staff get told what products to buy for their stores, and where to put them. Loans get approved with software. And all of this puts the problems onto the shoulders of tiny numbers of people. There’s massive amounts of responsibility with them, and that’s what people pay people big bucks for.

    Now, I’m not sure about some of the people that earn these multimillion pound salaries, but they today can win or lose you billions, and as a result, companies would rather pay well for them.

  5. ‘until we have a culture shift that sees benefit claimants not as idle scroungers in need of discipline but as human beings who need help. This is surely central to any sort of shared society.’

    Meaning give benefits, even if they are idle scroungers. Ms Ryan believes the only possible ‘shared society’ is government, she is a statist. All six of her suggestions are, “We need more government, dammit.”

  6. Now that fox-hunting is banned we should introduce CEO-hunting. Slather on some aniseed and give them a ten minute start on the hounds, and then tally-ho.

  7. @ BiW
    The CEOs cannot achieve much on their own but they can *destroy* a company single-handedly. *That* is why shareholders pay CEOs ridiculous amounts – they don’t want to lose their entire investment.

    Sensible companies continue to delegate stuff to branch managers, which is why I find a different selection of cheeses at my nearest Waitrose and the next one (fortunately it is the nearer one that sells Swaledale).

  8. and the myth prevails that even the best boss can be more than 100 times as productive as an employee

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say that a boss can be 100x more “productive”. What would that mean?

    But there is no doubt that a bad boss and a good boss will make more than 100x the difference to company profits as a bad worker on the factory floor compared to a good one. So in that sense it isn’t even remotely mythical.

  9. The rich have to earn more to pay for the bread and circus people. This encourages the politicians to excess. The political even try to form their own tribes by importing foreigners unwanted by the local population.
    Surely it is time to abandon the failed experiment of democracy and set the country up on a proper business basis
    Even rent it out to Hong Kong or such groups who know what they are doing.

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