Hang all councillors

Look , local government really is about making sure that the bins are collected:

In Conwy, recycling, food waste and nappy bins are collected every week, but the general waste bins are only taken once every four weeks.

This is, of course, because of EU targets about recycling. Targets which we can dump rather shortly.

But seriously folks, this is government failure on a grand scale.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more.
    It’s (also) a serious public health issue. Rotting food waste is great food source for rats and this will support a very large number.
    One can’t help wondering whether some councillors are trying to encourage a third-world feel for added “authenticity”.

  2. Getting weekly collections of anything? Luxury!

    Over the winter, our council cuts down the collection of compostables (kitchen and garden) to monthly, just ahead of the time when pruning and clearing generate a spike of material to move — so December’s garden waste fills the January and February collections.

    Monthly collection of the used cat-litter and non-recyclable plastic film, that I could live with, especially if just in the cold weather.

  3. The solution is simple. Council hacks and officials dine only on collected food slops until the entire EU recycling circus is swept away.

    That is all muck to landfill and weekly collections restored universally.

  4. Conwy is run by an anti-conservative coalition, Derby is run by Labour.
    My Conservative council maintains weekly collections (alternately recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish), with no break over Christmas.
    This is rather obviously political propaganda (“oppose the cuts, comrades”) – making people suffer in order to stoke up opposition to the (national) government.

  5. This is rather obviously political propaganda (“oppose the cuts, comrades”) – making people suffer in order to stoke up opposition to the (national) government.

    The “Baby Seal Gambit”.

  6. FWIW Japan, which has extremely stringent waste disposal and recycling rules still has basic rubbish collections twice a week.

  7. I’m sure the public sector palace in Conwy has its own bins round the back. The locals might as well use those, seeing as they’re the ones paying for them.

  8. We’re weekly for food and nappies (not that the latter are a problem for us), two-weekly for recycling and monthly (i.e. slightly worse than 4-weekly) for general rubbish.

    Labour dominated (1 Tory) anti-nat council.

  9. What John77 said. The country is full of councils closing libraries while recruiting diversity advisors and PR people.

  10. When we lived in Edinburgh the bin collection happened twice a week, as is sensible for a city of flat-dwellers. Whether the suburbs got twice a week collection I don’t know.

  11. I’ve had my recycling rejected 3 times in the last 2 months. Infuriating. 1st : I left a screw top on. 2nd a random passer by put had put there litter in there. 3rd one was there was broken glass. Infuriated, I took my regular rubbish down the tip and put all the 2 months of recycling in the regular bin.

  12. When I was a councillor on a primary authority they introduced plastic waste collection – but, the system was the existing 160l blue bin former paper bin would be your waste plastics bin and you would get an additional 20l box for your waste paper. I kept banging on that this wouldn’t work – most people produce more paper waste than plastic waste. “Oh, but we’ve already decided”. Really annoyingly my party was in control, but with Leader+Cabinet even nominally controlling party members have no power if they’re backbenchers.

    After twelve months of overflowing tiny paper boxes and near-empty plastic bins they saw sense and swapped them around, with the option to use the 160l bin for plastics, which works very well for flats that share bins.

    I think this is symptomatic of the move to Cabinet government in local councils. In the past you’d have 12 people on the cross-party Environment Policy Committee making, eg, waste decisions. Now it’s the one Cabinet Member For The Environment as a member of the controlling group Cabinet and it bypasses all the pre-examination of decision making.

  13. I live in a small town in France of about 6 000 people. There is a mix of communal and individual household bins, black for general rubbish, green for recyclable stuff.

    Rubbish collection from both communal and individual bins is: general rubbish… Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Recyclable stuff: Wednesdays.

    Whilst bins will go unemptied if a public holiday falls on a weekday, that does not disrupt the entire schedule for weeks to come. The normal collection took place day after Christmas and New Year.

    Bin collection is private operators under contract to the commune and in general the equivalent to the Community Charge in France is lower.

    France is in the EU, subject to the same rules… so why is it local authorities in the UK have so much difficulty emptying the bins on a reasonable schedule when the French manage it so well?

  14. @ John B
    “so why is it local authorities in the UK have so much difficulty emptying the bins on a reasonable schedule”
    Mine doesn’t.
    It doesn’t even miss a collection over Christmas/New Year/Easter/Bank Holidays – they are just a day or two late until the team has caught by working Saturdays.
    So it’s just *some* councils.
    Tends to be the ones that closed libraries – mine avoided closing any by reducing opening hours at all of them after taking a survey of users to find out which opening times were most popular.
    The difference is that my council isn’t trying to bring down the government.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    John B,

    Councils here also have a large responsibility to manage social services. Whilst a large part of the budget comes from central government AIUI they can top it up and as they’re under pressure one source is money that should be emptying bins.

    As I’ve said before, our council doesn’t seem to have a problem and has a very old population. The deputy leader of the County Council told me that they also got one of the biggest central government budget cuts in the country after the crash, so it isn’t that they are a favoured council being a pin the blue rosette on a donkey area.

    This is about politics and as Theo, I think, said the Washington Monument effect is to the fore with left wing councils.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Failure to acknowledge that a question is being begged will always lead to sub-optimal outcomes. Recycling is a particularly bad offender in this regard. Outside of this place and a few others, all the debate is about how to do it, not whether it needs to be done in the first place.

  17. Agree with John B. General waste collected weekly in my town in Germany – second weekly collection available for an extra fee. Mutltude of other bins (recycling, paper, garden/food waste) – each week we can get rid of an average 240 L of waste for about €5 a week.

    Lived in Italy – communal bins collected every other day.

    This is a UK special thing – with councils saying “don’t blame us, it’s the EU”. Is it bollocks.

  18. They also don’t inspect waste with a microscope before hauling it off, or fine you for having your bin slightly overfilled, or refuse to collect a bin that is still slightly on your property, or any of that guff.

    Britain is clearly obsessed with trash.

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