Humane resources

An ad running on The Guardian site……

6 thoughts on “Humane resources”

  1. There must be money to be made by the first firm that staffs HR with competent people with intelligently deigned incentives. Why hasn’t the free market brought this about? Or has it, on the QT?

  2. I’ve been saying for years now that it’s clear you have to actively prove that you’ve failed all and any literacy tests before being allowed to work for the media nowadays.

  3. Was it not Robert Townsend in his Up the Organisation who recommended sacking the Personnel department as the first step to turning round a failing business?

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Personnel departments are fine; it’s Human Resources departments that need to go. It’s extremely handy to have people who do the mundane work of hooking you up with whatever tax/insurance system there is where you work, and get you a new chair when one breaks, and track your holiday pay etc.. It’s when this becomes a bolt-hole for otherwise unemployable Gender Studies graduates that it becomes necessary to kill it with fiery bolts of fire.

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