I don’t think he’s quite there yet

But this is certainly a recommendation, isn’t it?

He seems to have found his vocation, for now, within the great, liberal-baiting tradition whose practitioners have included, in this country, Auberon Waugh, Julie Burchill, Taki, David Starkey, AA Gill, Rod Liddle, Jeremy Clarkson and any number of lesser exhibits now clustered around the Spectator.

Other than Starkey and Taki a decent enough roundup of the better prose stylists of the past 40 years really, isn’t it? Don’t think Milo’s there, yet, but I certainly wouldn’t be ashamed of being so mentioned (and, obviously, I won’t be).

8 thoughts on “I don’t think he’s quite there yet”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Auberon Waugh, Julie Burchill, Taki, David Starkey, AA Gill, Rod Liddle, Jeremy Clarkson

    I don’t know. Taki certainly has his moments. But Jeremy Clarkson is not a good writer. Nor is Julie Burchill. In fact tiresome would cover Ms Burchill quite well. The fact that they say things that I like and agree with – often in a striking or even shocking manner – doesn’t make them good writers. To be great they have to say something I don’t agree with but still have me admire them at the end.

    None of them is a patch on Waugh.

  2. Just watched last night – the best of enemies . Gore Vidal and William Buckley jnr documentary. And so i conclude that what Milo needs is a good enemy. Don’t think triggleypuff counts. Also i find it hard to believe his booky wook is half as shocking to peeps as Myra Breckinridge was at the time.

  3. Milo is a fantastic speaker and debater but his writing has never really impressed me in the slightest. In person and on stage he’s engaging, witty, fabulously quick on his feet and charistmatic. On paper he’s mildly amusing and fairly repetitive.

  4. Steyn, in his recent excellent appreciation of A A Gill, mentions that UK comment journalists are generally far better than their US counterparts, and that you can enjoy some writers even if you don’t agree with them. Well yes: I’d rather read Julie Burchill writing something I disagree with than any number of NYT op-eds that may chime, seldom though that is.
    I would Steyn to the list of good news commentary stylists, BTW. Timmy, you’re almost there, as your pieces on Forbes show.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’ve read many things by Burchill I disagreed with but wished I’d been able to write.

    Milo is indispensable. The progressive Left is hostis humani generis, and his brand of mockery actually works, whereas high-minded intellectual engagement is completely useless because it requires an assumption of good faith on the part of the SJWs.

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